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SET for 2 players: Arboblend® ring (27cm, 63g), 2 pairs of beech wood sticks (50cm, untreated), six-page game instructions, Fair Trade cotton carrying bag. Tualoop stands for sportiness and elegance. It combines the flight characteristics of a throwing disc with the bounce characteristics of a ball and allows natural movement. Tualoop can be played in numerous variations (e.g.: field game, target throwing, golf, free play in a group). "Play well"-excellent. Playing Tualoop means playing naturally with renewable resources, 100% nature The sticks are made of local beech wood, the ring is made of wood fibres, resins and glucose (Arboblend® - the new material for a clean world). 95 % Made in Germany. Tualoop is (except for the carrier bag) completely produced in Germany. The game combines traditional wood craftsmanship from Lower Bavaria and the Ore Mountains with the latest know-how in biomaterials from Baden-Württemberg. 100 % FAIR-responsible. Tualoop is produced in cooperation with local family businesses and the Diakonie Leipzig. The Tualoop carrier bag is made of 100% Fairtrade certified cotton. It is produced in a "Bags-of-Ethics" factory in Pondicherry (South India).

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Ring throwing game - Tualoop

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