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Based on the ancient motif of the stone men, these beautiful hand flatterers encourage stacking and embellish game landscapes. Impressive buildings are created again and again. 4 blocks in stone form. H 2,5 x L 6-12 cm. Linden wood with water stain. Production Bosinia. Grimm's is a sustainable woodworking company from southern Germany. From alder, lime, beech and maple wood beautiful things are made, as well as natural, high quality and safe wooden toys. In the development of its products Grimm's is guided by Waldorf education, among other things. The products are unique and, with a few exceptions, are sanded and partly hand-painted by hand. With the reduced design of the wooden toys Grimm's wants to allow a lot of space for the development of children's creativity. The wood used comes from sustainable forestry in Europe. The production is designed to be as resource-saving as possible. For some products Grimm's cooperates with workshops for disabled people in Germany.

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Red pebble building set

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