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Handmade, beautiful eurhythmy dress made of 100% bourette silk in the colour apple green. A matching belt is supplied with each dress.

In eurythmy, language and music and the spiritual and mental life that lives in them are brought into the visible through the human body and its movements. The creative and formative powers of music and language are expressed through certain forms of movement and gestures. Eurythmy, according to the anthroposophical view of man, takes hold of the whole person. Eurythmy supports children and young people in developing skills and competences and in learning at school. S

Dimensions: Available in sizes 122/128 and 134/140.

Our own brand Waldorfkind was born out of the impulse to find products that are sensible, sustainable, fairly produced and aesthetically pleasing. Here we can design articles according to our ideas and carry them out into the world in cooperation with manufacturers and artists*.

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Waldorfkind eurythmy dress for children

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