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Basic features of the Waldorf School from Years 1 to 12 numerous illustrations of pupils' work from all grades Photos from the international Waldorf movement one of the best known introductions to Waldorf Education well bound for outsiders Education for Freedom is the widely known, fundamental introduction to Rudolf Steiner's pedagogy it has been translated into seventeen languages and has found worldwide distribution. In a convincing combination of text and pictures the richly illustrated book presents this worldwide school movement which has lost none of its appeal as an alternative to the state school system. Frans Carlgren presents the basics of this pedagogy from the first to the twelfth grade in a very vivid and detailed way. He describes the special features of the education of the period, the balance between intellectual, artistic and practical subjects and the educational concerns of Waldorf Education. In this way the reader is given a precise picture of Rudolf Steiner's pedagogy which is supplemented by numerous illustrations of pupils' work from all class levels. For the outsider the carefully prepared volume gives an overview of the main features of Waldorf Education. 288 pages, hardback.

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Erziehung zur Freiheit

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