Payment methods & bank details

At Waldorfshop we offer the following payment methods:

Pay by invoice:

Regular customers* and institutions have the option to choose "purchase on account" with us.

Purchase on account is only possible in connection with a customer account at Waldorfshop.

Payment in advance:

After completion of the order, we will send, in addition to the order confirmation, a request for payment with the bank details, etc. to the email address specified in the order. 

Please transfer the invoice amount to our account within 7 days, stating the order number. After receipt of payment on our account, the order will be processed and sent to shipping.

If no payment is made within 10 days, the order will be automatically cancelled.

Pay with credit card:

You can pay with all major credit cards, e.g. VISA and MasterCard. The payment processes run with us via the payment service provider PayPal Plus. A PayPal account is not necessary for this.

Payment by direct debit:

SEPA payments are processed via PayPal Plus. A PayPal account is not necessary for this.

Pay with PayPal:

To pay with PayPal, you can register with PayPal free of charge. Details on the procedure can be found on the provider's page at Also with the payment method PayPal, the goods will be shipped within the specified delivery time.

*from the 2nd order

Bank details

GLS Gemeinschaftsbank
IBAN: DE95 43060967 2072009900