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Waldorf School - a creative place for the development of personality Waldorf School - a creative place for the development of personality Here you will find school supplies for the Waldorf School: organic leather school bags, school backpacks, eurythmy shoes, exercise books in A4 and much more. We wish you as parents or you as pupils a lot of fun browsing!
Waldorf School is a place where children can develop freely and be creative and learn new things with enthusiasm and joy. The basis for this is Waldorf Education, which was developed on the basis of Steiner's anthroposophy and shapes the curriculum at Waldorf Schools, which in contrast to stately schools are so-called free schools. More than 100 years have passed since the first Waldorf School was founded in Stuttgart in 1919 by Steiner with the support of Emil Molt, and yet the anthroposophical, educational approach of the Waldorf School is as topical as ever. As a free school, the Waldorf School places a broad focus on the development of the pupils' abilities. Thus there is a wide range of artistic, manual and visual instruction. Other special features are the lessons from the different epochs, in which subject areas are dealt with in a self-contained manner. From the third year seven (14-21 years) onwards, the focus is increasingly on science lessons for pupils in the ninth to twelfth grades. The Waldorf School lasts twelve years. During this time it is not possible to remain seated. After these twelve years of Waldorf School, many schools offer the possibility of taking the Abitur in the thirteenth year as a final examination. Waldorf school supplies In addition to the special pedagogy in the sense of anthroposophy, the Waldorf School also uses other school materials for school supplies than those used in state schools. These Waldorf school materials must be suitable for the development of creative potential. They differ greatly according to class level and seventh grade. Our choice of products is shaped by the needs of the Waldorf schools. We work together with traditional and innovative brands, and our emphasis is on acting as environmentally, socially and sustainably as possible. In the lower classes (2nd year seven / 7-14 years old), the classic Waldorf school supplies include ergonomic satchels made of organic leather, practical school backpacks and school supplies such as cotton or leather roll-up cases, crayons and pencils, coloured pencils, period books in A4 and other sizes, wax painters and wax colouring blocks, musical instruments or pens, which then find their place in the satchel or rucksack. Not only for pupils but also for teachers we offer a wide range of products for teaching at the Waldorf School, such as epoch books (A4 and other sizes), watercolour paper, blackboard chalk and much more. Eurythmy lessons - art of movement A central element of Waldorf Education is the teaching of eurythmy, which is taught at all levels of the class. For this we have a large assortment of eurythmy shoes in all sizes and colours for school needs. We also offer eurythmy equipment such as eurythmy dresses, eurythmy balls and eurythmy sticks. The step from kindergarten to the Waldorf School is definitely an exciting step for every child and of course for the parents. For a successful start on the first day of school or into the new school year the right materials of school supplies for your child are very important. Which school materials are needed depends on the school and class level. In any case a satchel, a school backpack or a school bag is needed. Whether you buy a new satchel for your child or save money and the satchel is inherited from a sibling - the brand of the satchel is not necessarily decisive here, but the satchel or school backpack should be light and be able to be optimally adapted to your child's body ergonomically. It is still often the case that parents decide on different designs for the satchel or school backpack, depending on whether it is intended for a boy or a girl. In the Waldorfshop we offer you online but also many models in different colours for both satchel and school backpack, which are free in design (and save the gender allocation) for all children are in this respect and are not specifically aimed at boys or girls. School life at a Free Waldorf School, which is based on the anthroposophical foundations of the Waldorf Education developed by Steiner, is different from that at state schools. For example, special exercise books are used, so-called epoch notebooks, which the children design themselves with the contents taught by the teachers and learn with them. Mostly exercise books in A4 are used. Over time, step by step, more and more school supplies are introduced at school, which are in line with the school requirements of the state schools. In addition to exercise books, school supplies also include pens for writing and drawing, or more precisely coloured pencils, pencils and pens. The special thing about Waldorf Schools is again the use of wax crayons and wax colouring blocks. In contrast to a pencil or even pencil that draws precisely, these allow a freer and more creative design of the exercise books. In the Waldorfshop we offer the wax crayons together with the rolling folders in a practical set. You can also get different models of the rolling folders separately. We also offer different coloured pencils, which are introduced step by step, online. Usually the class teachers of the Waldorf School give a list to the parents, on which it is written which school supplies the children need. This gives you as parents the security of not forgetting anything important. The Waldorfshop also helps you with information. When the school child proudly takes the step on the first day and walks off with his or her school bag, satchel or backpack and his or her set of school supplies, he or she has once again mastered an important and decisive step in life.