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Starting school is the beginning of a new, exciting phase of life for your children and for you. In our online shop you will find a wide range of school supplies, such as notebooks, pens, pencil cases and school bags. You will also find interesting books on the subject of Waldorf education online at Waldorfshop!

In this category you will find everything around the children's desk, such as mobile pedestals and stationery.

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    Wooden ruler
    Wooden ruler | with metal inlay with metal inlay Ruler made of beech wood. Available with a length of 17, 20 or 30 cm.
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  • Adhesive Tape Dispenser Snail
    Steinhöringer Werkstätten | Adhesive tape dispenser snail | Maple and pear wood Maple and pear wood A special desk utensil - a glue screw dispenser made of maple and pear wood. The wood comes from sustainable cultivation.
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  • Wax crayon holder, round
    Little Knoest | Wax Crayon Holder, Round | 12 Pencils & Blocks| | Ø 15 x 2 cm Ø 15 cm made of solid beech, for wax crayons and little blocks!
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  • Wax crayon holder, long
    Little Knoest | Wax Crayon Holder, long | 8 pens & 8 blocks | 21.5 x 7 x 2 cm 21.5 x 7 x 2 cm Holder made of solid beech, for 8 wax crayons and 8 small blocks
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  • Double sharpener
    Steinhöringer Werkstätten | Double sharpener | made of glass Glass
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  • Craft Set Pencil Box
    Craft Set Pencil Box | Pyramido | Gift Idea | Creative Set | 4 years and up Gift idea Pencil box for assembling, sanding, painting and designing.
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  • Twist® eco fountain pen, rose
    Fountain pen eco, rose I Pelikan I School I Writing | Twist® eco fountain pen | for right- and left-handed writers for right-hand and left-hand writers
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  • Twist® eco fountain pen, blue
    Fountain pen eco, blue I Pelikan I School I Writing | Twist® eco fountain pen, blue | for right- and left-handed writers for right-hand and left-hand writers
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  • Livipur Milan Desk
    Livipur | Livipur Milan Desk
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  • Quick adjustment compass set
    Mercurius | Quick Adjustment Compasses | School Compasses | max. Ø 60 cm Circle High-quality school compass with automatic lever and folding joints.incl. extension bar, spare leads and ink holder.
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  • Multiplication wheel
    Waldorf Family | Multiplication Wheel | Educational Game | Ø 29.5 cm x 9 mm Educational game Learning game, multiplication wheel, for learning the small "small one time one" up to the 12th row.
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  • Livipur Emilia Desk
    Livipur | Livipur Emilia desk
      Available at short notice, delivery in 4-12 days
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Does my child need a desk?

People are different, people learn differently. You as parents know your child best. Which learning path does your child prefer? Does it need order and a quiet place for itself or does it work and learn quietly in the greatest chaos?

The framework conditions for the activity of learning should be as conducive as possible.

But what exactly that means needs to be found out - there is no perfect template for this!

Some need a place for themselves early on that they can design themselves, where they can work in peace, learn, do homework, paint and tinker. Others leave the specially bought desk untouched and prefer to work on the floor, at the table in the kitchen or living room.

Nevertheless, it can be important to have a desk available for children, especially when they are teenagers and "being able to sit at their own desk" takes on a special meaning.

The best children's desks are therefore those that grow with the child.

7 Advantages of having your own desk

  1. Desks can be a pleasant and quiet place to work.
  2. Desks can create a learning atmosphere.
  3. Some people can concentrate better at an extra workspace.
  4. Children's desks can be a place of retreat.
  5. The dining table is not besieged with notebooks and stationery.
  6. Desks are usually built with ergonomics in mind and are therefore good for growing children.
  7. A desk offers space for all the accessories, for all the stationery needed.

Therefore, we think it is best to offer your child a desk that can ideally accompany them for a long time.

Which is the right desk for my child?

There is, of course, a very large selection of children's desks online in terms of design, material and colours.

What does a good children's desk need?

What does a desk need so that it can support a school child in all tasks in the best possible way?

First and foremost, a desk for children should be practical and suitable for the child's size. It should also offer enough space for notebooks, books, paper and other stationery. A desk top with adjustable inclination is ideal, as the sloping surface prevents pupils from adopting a hunched posture even after a long period of time. Last but not least, height-adjustable desks are suitable, as they allow children to switch between working standing up and sitting down. This is good for the back and, for many children, it also improves their ability to concentrate.

Of course, the children's desk should also fit in well with the rest of the children's room and be to the child's liking!

What accessories do I need for a children's desk?

The desk chair

The most important thing is, of course, the chair! Here, too, it is ultimately the child's individuality that decides which desk chair is best for sitting on.

Sitting should be pleasant and comfortable even after a long time. The backrest should be ergonomically shaped. Castors on a children's swivel chair create an additional incentive for many children to sit at the desk.

Of course, you and your child should like the design and colour of the chair and it should match the child's desk. You should also make sure that the chair fits well under the desk and that your child still has enough space between the tabletop and the chair when sitting. A height-adjustable chair is therefore also very suitable here.

Storage space

Mobile pedestals are particularly suitable here. They can be used flexibly and offer plenty of space for notebooks, papers and other stationery. A drawer directly at the desk or a shelf nearby is also suitable as storage space for stationery.


Ideally, all the stationery your child needs, such as pencils, crayons, pens, fountain pens, sheets of paper, notebooks, adhesive tape, rulers, pencil cases and the like, will find sufficient space in a place close to your child's workstation. Exactly what your child needs in terms of accessories will certainly depend on their age, activities and also the school they attend.

Children's desks in Waldorfshop

Children's desks made of wood are wonderful! They are aesthetic, natural, sturdy and therefore long-lasting. Different types of wood can be used, such as pine, pine, cherry and alder.

In our online shop, you can find Livipur desks made of alder wood that grow with your child.

All desks are almost infinitely adjustable in height and inclination and adapt to the body measurements of the child. Beautifully shaped, they refine every child's room with their rounded corners. The surfaces of the desks made of 100% solid wood have been treated naturally for a healthy environment for your child.

For ergonomically correct sitting right from the start, the desks are easily height-adjustable and can therefore be used from child to adult.

We have different models of desks: with larger and smaller worktops, individually or in a set with a mobile pedestal.

Our mobile pedestals have two large drawers that help keep everything in order, just like our practical desk set with note dispenser with sticky note pad, box for small utensils and staple dispenser with magnetic core.

Whether a classic children's desk, a simple dining table, a secretary or a board on a stand is right for your child: Feel free to browse online in our shop and find beautiful, sustainable and carefully selected products for you, your family or your educational institution.

It's also worth taking a look at our"Stationery" range! You can find more furniture in the Furniture & Living category.