Nice things for Easter


Nice things for Easter

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We associate winter with cold and darkness. The days are short and the sun's rays only fall on the earth at an angle. The water in rivers and lakes freezes, snow covers the earth and many animals hibernate or fly to warmer climates. The fact is that every day in winter is a little longer than the last. The earth wakes up a little more each day. For coziness on winter days, browse through our beautiful product selection!

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Originally, the exuberant hustle and bustle of carnival was used to drive away the spirits so that spring could arrive. Today, children and adults enjoy the beautiful costumes, the colorful parades and the cheerful hustle and bustle. Discover high-quality and sustainable costumes for your children, colorful, high-quality make-up, beautiful decorations and great craft materials for the carnival party!

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Sustainable toys

Here you will find toys for your children that are free of harmful substances, fairly produced, educationally valuable, durable and stimulating for the imagination. We work primarily with manufacturers from Germany and Europe who produce toys sustainably with certified woods and under fair working conditions.

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Wooden toys from Ostheimer and Grimm's, school materials and artist supplies from Lyra and Stockmar, tools for crafts from Corvus as well as wool for handicrafts from Filges, books from Urachhaus and eco-friendly cleaning products from Sonett - Waldorfshop works with carefully selected manufacturers to delight and inspire you with our products. Browse our store now and discover our sustainable manufacturers!

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"All procedures from my order to delivery, including speed, courtesy, everything worked out perfectly. There is really nothing to improve."

Susanna B.

"Educational. A wonderful selection of child-friendly toys and things that parents will find great for their children. Beautifully designed, educationally valuable."

Chris C.

"Super good item description and fast shipping! However, what I find even better is the philosophy behind it!"

Claudia F.

"Beautiful stuff, fair and organic. Great ideas for kids and adults to craft, play and read."

Ute M.


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