Colorful for Easter

  • Shopping basket for children, lined
    Adam Schmidt | Shopping basket for children, lined | sturdy with removable lining | Dimensions: approx 26 x 20 cm | Weight: approx 250 g
      In stock
    EUR 18.00 *
    * Incl. VAT excl. Shipping
  • Easter grass from organic wool
    Filges | Organic Wool Easter Grass | 50 g | 3 shades of green | Organic Green tones
      In stock
    EUR 7.90 *
    50 gram  | EUR 158.00 / kilogram
    * Incl. VAT excl. Shipping
  • Easter Folding Card Set
    Postcards Easter | waldorfkind | Ella Lapointe | with envelopes Ella Lapointe
      In stock
    EUR 4.50 *
    * Incl. VAT excl. Shipping

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  • Gift voucher
    Waldorfshop | Gift voucher | Card with envelope Card with envelope
      Not in stock, approx. 1-4 weeks
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  • Gift voucher 100
    Waldorfshop | gift voucher 100 | digital | digital voucher | will be sent by mail after purchase | value: 100,00 € digital
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  • Gift voucher 25
    Waldorfshop | Gift Voucher 25 | digital | digital voucher | will be sent by e-mail after purchase | Value: 25,00 € digital
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Waldorf toys, school supplies and handicraft materials for children, Waldorf school and Waldorf kindergarten.

Welcome to the Waldorf shop

The Waldorf Shop was founded in 2007 by Armintaxagel to reliably provide parents, teachers at independent Waldorf schools and educators in the Waldorf kindergarten with materials that correspond to Waldorf education. Materials for school, eurythmy and kindergarten form the basis of our range

Inspired by shops such as the Kunst und Spiel in Munich, the range was soon supplemented with good toys. In addition to anthroposophical toys for children of all ages, the Waldorf Shop also has a large assortment of school and handicraft materials for the Waldorf kindergarten, Waldorf school or at home, and of course a wide range for eurythmy. We try to focus on both sides:

For parents and children or pupils of every class at Waldorf schools and kindergartens, we offer, for example, leather satchels made from organic leather, wax painters from Stockmar, instruments and materials for music & art lessons, roll cases and Waldorf educational and anthroposophical books and much more.

For teachers at the Waldorf schools or Rudolf Steiner schools and educators in the Waldorf kindergarten, we also offer epoch books, flutes or eurythmy balls, sticks and smocks in our online shop. Teachers and educators can also acquire these more cheaply within our B2B program and thus support the Waldorf educational movement.

Our range is complemented by organic children's clothing, organic children's furniture made from alder wood and household goods for the Waldorf home.

Waldorf toys - what is it?

Waldorf and anthroposophical toys are based on the sensory teaching of Waldorf education, according to which the twelve senses of man are divided into the categories of cognitive, social and physical senses. When evaluating Waldorf toys (such as wooden toys), the following criteria play a decisive role: the authenticity of the material, the suitability for practical use, the variety of options for action, the naturalness, the everyday, the social compatibility, the intensity of the sensory impression and the like. v. m. The foundations for this can be found in the anthroposophy founded by Rudolf Steiner.

We also try to find the right toys for your child by sorting them according to the age of seven.

We show you how varied natural toys for children can be in our online shop or Waldorf shop catalog. In addition to natural wooden toys from well-known brands such as Grimm's and Ostheimer, you will also find an assortment of dolls like the Waldorf doll or the associated doll's pram, cuddly toy for small children and babies and much more. Waldorfshop gives you the security that the products in our online shop are suitable for educational purposes.

Supplies for Waldorf kindergartens and Waldorf schools

At Waldorf schools or independent Waldorf schools, in Waldorf kindergartens and other Waldorf educational and anthroposophical institutions, special working materials such as epoch books, crayons or pentatonic instruments for music are also required.

The free play of the child is a central element in the Waldorf kindergarten. With the toys we offer, we want to support them. The toy must never be used on the child.

Eurythmy Supplies for the art of movement according to Rudolfs Steiner

Developed by Rudolf Steiner as an art of movement, eurythmy should affect the whole person. The eurythmic movement should artistically lead people to develop their individual movement form in space. In addition, the experience of one's own body through movement is essential in order to create strength in thinking, feeling and wanting and in the soul. Eurythmy is a central subject in the curriculum of the Waldorf schools, but is also practiced as a stage art and is increasingly being used as a form of therapy. The exercises of eurythmy students are often accompanied by music. In our Waldorf shop we offer you a wide range of eurythmy accessories. In addition to the classic eurythmy shoes and eurythmy clothes, you will find lots of other things to practice and further literature on this topic.

Creative handicrafts and drawing: handicraft paper, crayons or colored pencils

Handicrafts play a major role in Waldorf education. In our Waldorf shop you will find an extensive range of handicrafts for creative design. Crafts paper, Stockmar crayons with matching roller cases and Lyra Waldorf crayons are some examples of health-friendly, child-friendly tools from Kids at Work. For handicrafts with natural materials, we present you many other utensils that meet the high requirements for Waldorf toys for children.