cuddly toys & dolls

In our Waldorfshop, the selection of products in the category of toys for cuddly toys and dolls is clearly focused on aesthetics, safety, material and production. From the large selection of toys we have chosen the cuddly toys and Waldorf dolls that are suitable for us with matching accessories. We invite you to browse through our site and find the companion for your child. In play the child experiences the world. Playing with dolls and cuddly toys takes on a special position here, as it also enables the child to process experiences and sensory impressions.
Even as a baby such a cuddly toy, e.g. a teddy bear, can be used as a regulatory aid. Similar to the pacifier and the cuddle cloth, the bear helps the baby to calm down and at the same time offers sensory experience and motoric exercise via the hand and the whole body. A baby does not need a particularly strongly designed cuddly toy or doll, on the contrary, the more archetypal the toy is held, the more directly, but also more freely, it has a beneficial effect on the baby. Such a teddy can then be a companion for the child for many years. While some children prefer the teddy bear and share all joy and sorrow with it, for other children the doll is clearly in the foreground. Of course there is a wide range of Barbie dolls, naturalistically designed dolls, the classic Waldorf doll to the vaguely hinted cloth dolls. Also with the dolls it is of course of high importance which material was used and how the child takes them in the hand and yes also in the heart. For our range of cuddly toys, e.g. the classic teddy bear, dog and rabbit, we work together with the manufacturer Senger. Here toys are produced sustainably and fairly. Furthermore we work together with Kallisto, who produce beautiful soft toys made of natural materials. You can discover online e.g. cat and horse. Our offer of dolls is varied and large. Here we work together with the doll manufacturer Heidi Hilscher and offer online in our shop different dolls as baby, boy and girl. Of course the accessories are not missing and so you can get doll prams, doll bed and doll carrier in our shop.