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In the Waldorfshop, under Waldorf Toys, you will find beautiful wooden toys from well-known brands such as Grimm‘s, Ostheimer, Fagus und Decor  for Waldorf children and Waldorf kindergartens. In addition to wooden toys, you will also find Waldorf play stands/playhouses made of alder wood. All products have been carefully selected and tested for educational added value as well as Waldorf and anthroposophical aspects.

Playing is being brave

To play is to be courageous and to dare new things, to delve into themes and situations, to walk in the vastness of one's own imagination and to become creatively active oneself. The more natural and simple the materials of the play elements are, the more versatile they can be used by the child in its imaginative play. That is why we attach great importance to high-quality wooden toys. They leave room for free design and stimulate the child's senses and creativity. For example, a playhouse or a play stand can be a children's shop one day and a children's kitchen the next. Decorated with colourful play cloths, the play stand also quickly becomes a playhouse for puppet play.

Educational toys in the Waldorfshop


Waldorfshop wants to bring joy to children and family with the products and gifts from our online shop! Furthermore, we feel responsible to contribute to the healthy development of babies, toddlers and adolescents as well as to promote unique childhood moments with our range of natural and high-quality Waldorf toys.

Based on Waldorf education, natural wooden toys support children's development and strengthen their innate creative skills.
Toys in the Waldorf shop are pre-selected, educationally valuable toys according to Waldorf educational aspects. For us, natural, high-quality toys are characterised above all by the materials, which is why we place a great deal of focus on wooden toys and toys made from natural materials. Of course, wooden toys do not always have to be natural-coloured. So we also offer a wide range of colourful wooden toys in many different colours and different shapes. Manufacturers such as Romanswerk or Grimm's are well represented with us.

The most important principle for our assortment development is that the toy should be played with by the child and not play at the child. Only in this way can it accompany children in their creative play and leave room for their own creativity.
In our opinion, play materials should be free-flowing in the sense that the occupation with the toy is based on a "sense of play", but this can be expanded and gives the child's imagination room for its own play inventions. As if in passing, the children's motor, social or cognitive skills will also be promoted.


5 tips for educationally valuable toys

  1. Toys made of natural materials, such as wooden toys for natural, environmentally conscious play.
  2. Natural colours and shapes for your child's sensory care.
  3. Eco and organic toys for the child's health and for the sake of the environment.
  4. The right toy for the right age of child
  5. Free-flowing toys to strengthen your child's imaginative powers

Toys for all age groups

At the Waldorf Shop we aim to offer a range of toys that can accompany the complete development of children. The anthroposophical view of man developed by Rudolf Steiner, with its division of life into seven-year cycles, can provide orientation and support. Therefore, we make sure that the toys are age-appropriate by assigning them to the year groups. Especially for babies, the toys should be as natural as possible and not overtaxing, but should give gentle play impulses. Some articles, such as the Waldorf wooden play stands, also offer the possibility of remaining in the children's room as a piece of furniture for several sevenths of a year due to their wide range of use, from a toy shop to a Punch and Judy show.

Wooden toys and eco toys

In addition to the Waldorf aspects, the naturalness and sustainability of high-quality toys play a major role for us. Eco toys are characterised above all by the fact that only natural materials such as wood and organic cotton, i.e. materials made from renewable raw materials, are used in their manufacture. Our ecological wooden toys are mostly made of alder wood treated with organic oils. These include, for example, the handmade wooden animals & figures from Ostheimer and Decor as well as our Waldorf-style dolls from Tannigel made from organic cotton or the craft materials from Filges made from certified Bioland wool. The naturalness makes each toy unique! The colourful paints used are water-based and harmless.


Sustainable toys

We consider longevity and reparability of high-quality wooden toys and eco-toys as an important criterion for sustainable business. That is why, for example, our wooden toys are made of solid wood such as alder. Our play furniture, such as the play stand, is made by a small master craftsman's workshop in Poland from organic alder wood. To support this, we also stock repair materials in our Waldorf shop, such as eco-glue or ecological glazes. For us, a toy that fulfils these criteria is a perfect organic toy that meets our demand for quality. We attach great importance to toys that are made in Germany and Europe.

Wooden toys, selected according to Waldorf pedagogical criteria.

Our children's toys are tested by our team of Waldorf teachers and Waldorf parents and are also classified into year groups to give parents an indication of whether they are suitable for their child from a Waldorf educational point of view. The Waldorf Shop sees itself as a seal of quality for Waldorf families with regard to toys and wooden toys. Ideally, the beautiful wooden toys will enrich the whole family for many years. In addition to our own tests, a large proportion of our wooden toys have been awarded the "Spiel Gut" logo.

The phases of children's play

  1. Functional play, also called practice play | 1st year of life | sense of touch and sight | wooden building blocks, but also a simple wooden spoon, cloths made of wool, silk or cotton, the beautiful bows from Grimm's wooden toys
  2. The construction game | 1st and 2nd year of life | training spatial experience, fine motor skills and frustration tolerance | treasures from nature, such as pine cones in a basket, set of boxes from Grimm's, felt cords, wooden building blocks, a ball, Kapla bricks
  3. Symbol play and imitation play | 2nd and 3rd year of life | development of practical and social skills, connection with the environment | dolls, cuddly toys and accessories
  4. Role play | from the age of 3 | awakening and strengthening of imaginative powers, training of language, communication skills and social behaviour, finding identity | doll's house, children's kitchen, shop etc
  5. .Playing with rules | from years onwards | across generations, integration of the individual, the individual into the community, teaching values, training frustration tolerance | parlour games such as board games, cards, etc.

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