Our philosophy - many good reasons for Waldorfshop

12 years ago (in 2007), student Armin Steuernagel founded the Waldorf store in his children's room. He was interested in Waldorf education and wanted to learn to understand economic relationships. He combined his ideas with the aim of supporting social and cultural projects for Waldorf pupils.

Initially, the Waldorf store stocked eurythmy supplies and leather satchels. 

Enriched by a diverse natural range of sensible baby and children's toys, organic children's clothing and high-quality products for adults, many good reasons and daily objectives have been added to the initial idea:

Children learn by imitating what they perceive with their senses

Children explore their world with all their senses, which develop in the very first years of life. That is why it is important to us that our products appeal to all 12 of the human senses through their shape, colors and materials. Everything that is laid on correctly in the toddler will benefit the adult later on.

Movement, speech and thinking are intimately linked in young children; they are stimulated by the sensory environment and acquired and developed through imitation.

Children learn and discover the world through movement. It is of great importance for the healthy physical and mental development of our children to try things out and live out their natural urge to move.

Making children happy means offering them a well thought-out, child-friendly and special selection of shapes and colors that appeal to and touch them.

Our well thought-out product selection

Our products are designed to support the development of children and their inherently creative skills. Therefore, we have in our assortment little equipped toys, toys for a variety of movement games, as well as a wide range of creative products - utensils for painting and crafts, knitting and crocheting, toys for building and crafts.

Our products are made of certified natural materials in an environmentally friendly way. We pay attention to both the aesthetic design and durability of the products. 

Thoughtful color arrangement is an essential foundation of Waldorf education. We consider this in our products as well as the soothing, harmonious color effect, which increases the joy of creative work.

Zusammenarbeit mit Experten

An der Zusammenstellung unseres Sortiments arbeiten wir gemeinsam mit verschiedenen Experten:

Bund der Freien Waldorfschulen

EOS Erlebnispädagogik

und einer Jury, die aus Eltern und Pädagogen besteht, dem Kundenbeirat

Anthroposophical selection criteria

Our products should give pleasure and present an authentic, natural overall picture. We therefore scrutinize the following selection criteria:

  • are the products natural, suitable for children and meaningful from the point of view of Waldorf education?
  • do they offer scope for imagination?
  • are they well thought out and aesthetic?
  • functional and safe?
  • high quality and durable?
  • for which phases of life are they suitable?
  • do they stimulate the senses without overstimulating?
  • where and how were they produced?
  • are there any test marks, seals and awards?
  • are they environmentally friendly and tested for harmful substances such as aluminum, lead and nickel, etc.?
  • are the goods also protected from contamination during transportation?

Environmental protection

For the packing material, we make sure to use 100% recycled paper or waste paper. The filling material in our packages is only recycled paper, we do not use PVC packaging and polystyrene chips as filling material. 

The shipping is environmentally friendly and Co2 neutral. 

We give discount to schools, kindergartens and families with multiples. Please write to us at service@waldorfshop.eu.

We are happy to answer your questions on all topics via our contact form.