Arrow for bow

with suction cup

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Suitable for junior bow

1 piece

Dimensions: 46 cm
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Arrow for the junior bow by VAH

Replacement arrow for the junior bow. For target practice with the bow. The safety arrows are equipped with suction cups and have two small feathers made of blue felt at the end. The arrows are suitable for right- and left-handed people.

Discover the set of bow and arrow and the quiver in our shop! You can also find a matching target in our shop.

Product information:

Safety arrow with suction cup.

  • Contents: 1 arrow.
  • Material: Wood, plastic.
  • Dimensions: L 46 cm.
  • Age recommendation: From 5 years.

CAUTION: Not suitable for children under 36 months! CAUTION: Do not aim at eyes or face!

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VAH Toy Manufacture

The products of the VAH company are manufactured with the greatest care in a family-run business. Local raw materials are used in the handcrafted in-house productions and great importance is attached to the highest safety standards.

5 advantages of archery for your child

Playing with bow and arrow is an active and exciting leisure activity for children. If you give children the opportunity to play with bow and arrow, you open the door to a world of adventure and discovery for them. In addition, archery has many advantages for children's development:

  1. Awareness of their own body tension.
  2. Improvement of body posture.
  3. Development and training of coordination, concentration and endurance.
  4. Focusing when aiming.
  5. Promotion of physical fitness.

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