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"Our limbs are to a great extent spiritual, and it is they that wear out our body when they move. And the body is dependent on developing in itself that to which the human being is actually predisposed from birth. If the limbs move too little, or if they do not move appropriately, then they do not wear out the body enough." Rudolf Steiner

Movement is part of the human being, movement and motor skills are an important basis for many other aspects of human development. The further developmental steps of the child are built on the motor development of the child. It is therefore also decisive for the cognitive development of the child. For this reason, in addition to classic wooden toys, we also have many toys in our large selection at Waldorfshop that are suitable for movement games.

  • Balsa plane kit
    Corvus | Balsa wood aeroplane kit | From 8 years | Wing span 17 cm
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  • Arrow for bow
    Vah | Arrow for bow | Suitable for junior bow | 1 piece | 46 cm with suction cup Replacement arrow with suction cup for the junior bow.
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  • Hula Hoop Wood
    Pedalo | Hula Hoop Wood | Gymnastics Hoop | Ø 60, Ø 70, Ø 80 cm Gymnastics hoops Hula Hoops are not only a great toy for children, they are also popular with adults. Hula Hoop Fitness, a fun sport for children and adults.
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  • Pocket kite
    Schildkröt | pocket kite | ready to fly | string L: 20 m | 32 x 45 cm 32 x 45 cm, cord 20 m Handy, stable and ready to fly immediately. Colour depending on stock.
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  • Skipping Rope with Beech Wood Handles Blue Shades
    Pfingstweid e.V. | Skipping rope with beech wood handles | Shades of blue | 170, 200, 240, 280, 310 cm 170, 200, 240, 280, 310 cm The skipping rope - a popular classic for old and young in shades of blue, 5 different lengths to choose from.
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    3.1 meter  | EUR 6.77 / meter
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  • Sarah`s Silks Gymnastic Band
    Sarah`s Silks | Sarah`s Silks Gymnastic Band | Rod L 20 cm, Silk Band 90 x 3 cm | Rainbow Colours | Silk | Rod 20 cm, silk ribbon 90 x 3 cm Swinging through spring and summer with the beautiful silk ribbon on the stick. For the carnival. or summer party!
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  • Rubber mitts
    Goki | Gummitwist | 490 cm | Colour depending on stock 490 cm Gummitwist, the well-known bouncing game that everyone knows and that can be taken everywhere.
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  • Glider kit
    Fagus | Glider kit | Fuselage length 25 cm, wingspan 30.5 cm 30.5 cm 2 elegant and light gliders from Fagus glide very far through the air.
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  • Replacement arrow crossbow
    Gapola Crossbow Games | Replacement Arrow Crossbow | Suction Cup Arrow | 1 piece Suction cup arrow Suction cup arrow without tip, for the small or the large crossbow.
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  • Skipping Rope with Wooden Handle
    Glückskäfer | Skipping Rope with Wooden Handle | Cotton | Reinforced Centre | 250cm 250 cm With the jump rope from Glückskäfer, children can jump around outdoors, in the schoolyard or at home.
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    2.5 meter  | EUR 7.96 / meter
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  • Giant Bubbles Set
    BubbelLab | Giant Bubbles Set | for Parties for parties With a little skill, this giant soap bubble set can conjure up wonderfully glittering giant soap bubbles in the sky.
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  • Viking Chess
    Ballaballa | Viking Chess A strategic game of skill made of high-quality birch wood in which two teams fight for their king. Multilingual instruction booklet included.
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The motor development of the child

The development of the child's movements already begins during pregnancy. Most movements after birth are based on the child's reflexes, which are essential for survival. Over time, the child takes hold of its movements in an increasingly conscious and guided way.

Walking - Talking - Thinking

The development of movement helps the child to grasp its environment. Through motor development, the child is able to grasp itself and space. One of the most important developmental steps in the first 3 years of a person's life is the development of the upright gait. This frees the hands and fine motor skills can be developed. Building on this, the other milestones of the first 3 years can then be grasped: learning to speak and think. The time it takes each child to climb these milestones is very individual; however, the order is not!

As the child gets older, he or she takes up the basic forms of sporting movement:

  • Walking/Running

  • Jumping

  • Balancing

  • Catching

  • Throwing

  • Climbing

  • Sliding

These basic forms are then found in a wide variety of movement games and sporting skills:

  • Swimming

  • Cycling

  • Throwing games

  • Skating

  • etc.

Skills and competences that children can develop through play & sport

  1. Self-competence

  2. Social competence

  3. Follow-up and action skills

  4. Eye-hand coordination

  5. Gross motor skills

  6. Fine motor skills

  7. Concentration

  8. Enthusiasm

Sport and play in Waldorf education

In addition to eurythmy, the Waldorf kindergarten offers a wide range of other movement activities for the children. The main task in the first seven years is to provide space and opportunity for the lower senses, the so-called will senses of the children, to develop healthily. These senses are

  • Sense of touch

  • Sense of life

  • Sense of movement

  • sense of balance

Therefore, in the Waldorf kindergarten, a lot of emphasis is placed on the round dance, movement games and finger games.

In our online shop you will find in the category Play & Sport different skipping ropes in different lengths and with different handles, throwing rings and balls for throwing games, a roller board for balance exercises as well as slacklines with accessories for balancing.

In the first classes at the Waldorf School, the sports lessons are not so much about training, fitness or the like, but about the pupils experiencing the joy of movement in imaginative play.

This is where rounds, movement games, dances, games of catch and games of skill such as stilt walking, ball throwing, balancing and rope skipping take place.

At Waldorfshop, we have rubber mitts, stilts, kites, everything to do with "horse play", hula hoops, boomerangs, frisbee and rubber throwing discs as well as diving rings.

As the children get older, team games such as football, fireball, catching games etc., competitions and everything to do with the circus become more and more interesting.

We also have an educationally valuable selection of toys for out doors and indoors on offer online: a gymnastic band, bow and arrow, ring toss games, diabolos, rola bolas, juggling balls, spears and much more.