Ball & Marble Runs

Ball tracks are a traditional and timeless wooden toy. The rolling, colourful ball made of wood or glass exerts a very special fascination! In the Waldorfshop you can find various wooden marble runs for your children online under the category toys as well as balls, marbles and other accessories.


Marble run made of wood - an ideal toy


Ball tracks are fun and appeal to your child's senses in many ways. Ball tracks are an exciting and valuable toy and suitable for children of all ages. In addition, playing with a marble run supports the development of basic skills in your child. 

Playful learning through ball tracks


Ball tracks bring a learning effect as well as fun. Playing with a marble run encourages your child in many ways


5 things your child can learn from playing marble run:

  1. motor skills, especially fine motor skills
  2. concentration skills and logical thinking
  3. basic knowledge of physics
  4. visual perception and eye-hand coordination
  5. dexterity

Marble runs in the Waldorf shop

Ball tracks made of wood are timeless and robust. We offer various models of wooden marble runs online so that you can choose the best marble run for your child: a large marble run as a first marble run for toddlers, a serpentine run with a "bell gate" for slightly older children as well as a Nic marble run to assemble yourself.

You can also find a wide range of accessories in our online shop, such as our colourful marble sets made of glass marbles, marbles in a bag and colourful wooden marbles.

A very special variation of the marble run are sound trees. Here, the ball does not run over a track but falls onto colourful woods, which thereby produce a sound.

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