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Colourful cascade tower with centipede

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Colourful cascade tower with centipede

A marble run of a different kind! A cascade tower with a colourful centipede.

The cascade tower by Beck is a kind of marble run made of naturally lacquered beech and birch plywood. The colourful centipede meanders down the coloured levels.

The toy is play good awarded and gives great pleasure to children from 3 years.

  • Contents: 1 tower, 1 vehicle
  • Dimensions: 36 x 13 x 10 cm

Product information:

Contents: 1 tower, 1 vehicle.

Dimensions: 36 x 13 x 10 cm.

Material: Beech and birch plywood, naturally varnished.

Recommended age: 3 years and older.

Warning: Not suitable for children under 36 months due to choking hazard caused by small parts which may be swallowed.

Marbles and marble runs are good for your child

Through marbles and rolling, children learn through play how physical laws work. For example, they can experience how gravity, acceleration and speed are connected. So the wooden cascade tower and marble runs are not only a great toy, but also an excellent learning tool.

Discover our extensive range of marbles and marble runs made of wood! Our high-quality marble runs are the ideal toy for children and adults who enjoy building, playing and learning. You can find more marble runs, marble runs and marbles in our category marble and marble runs!

Colourful Cascade Tower with Centipede

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