Kapla wooden building blocks  200


Kapla wooden building blocks

Wooden construction kit

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Kapla wooden bricks, natural, ratio 1:3:5

Choice of 200 or 1000 pieces

Material: pine wood
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KAPLA wooden building blocks, natural, 200 or 1000 pieces to choose from in a box.

The special thing about the KAPLA brick: there is only one basic element. Unlike other wooden building bricks, this brick is very precisely crafted, with a ratio of 1:3:5. Each wooden building brick is three times as wide as it is high and five times as long as it is wide.

With the KAPLA building set, inventor Tom van der Bruggen has created a wooden building block that makes both simple and unbelievably complex and ingenious wooden structures possible. Children can let their imagination run wild with the KAPLA and use the wooden tiles to build the most fascinating buildings, bridges, gates, but also works of art, animal figures, patterns and much more.

The natural KAPLA building blocks come in a high-quality and very sturdy wooden box (1000 pieces) with rollers or in a decorative tin (200 pieces). They can be tidied away in no time after building. Including book with instructions with many building ideas.

KAPLA is an incredibly versatile building block system made of pine wood that will delight children well into adulthood.

Product information:

Contents: KAPLA wooden blocks

1000 KAPLA building blocks, natural in wooden box
200 KAPLA building blocks, natural, in sturdy cardboard box

Wooden building blocks: ratio 1:3:5
Age recommendation: from 3 years

Playing with KAPLA

KAPLA can be used to build the most complex structures. High wooden towers tower over the children in the nursery, so that a chair has to be added. The wooden tiles become roads for toy cars, or fences for wooden figures and animals. KAPLA can be used to build houses for small dolls or stables for wooden animals, but also very extensive buildings and constructions.

From about 3 years on, children start to invent ornaments or pictures with coloured elements and to develop dexterity in handling different materials. You can also find coloured KAPLA building blocks for accents in the constructions. You can find the coloured KAPLAs in our category Building Blocks & Building Blocks!

KAPLA for bigger children and adults

KAPLA also inspires older children and adults to play. For example, a challenge can be organised with the bricks in which the most complicated figures are recreated in a race. A brick is placed on the next brick according to a previously imagined shape. Who will be the first to recreate the figure without the bricks falling over? The game KAPLA Challenge provides ideas here, you can find it in our shop in the category Games!

The game in the Waldorf Kindergarten

In the Waldorf kindergarten there is a wide range of sensory stimulation through the good selection of materials. The small child does not react to the sensory impressions through the mind, but directly physically and emotionally. Complex sensory impressions, which have a variety of qualities, lead to a very differentiated networking in the brain, in which the feelings are also involved. This is very important for the development of later cognitive abilities.

Creative chaos is allowed to develop in free play, the imagination needs freedom, chance and stimulation. Unfashioned toys are very changeable and can change from one moment to the next. For example, the wooden building block becomes a toy boat and can immediately afterwards be a wooden fence or a bridge.

The powers of imagination go through a metamorphosis in the development of play. Small children are stimulated by what is available, while the older child specifically looks for toys. If the powers of imagination are allowed to develop and are nurtured, the foundations for creative, lively thinking are formed.

KAPLA can make a great contribution here. The children can immerse themselves completely in the game and use the building blocks in many different ways. The building blocks can be used in the shop, in the play kitchen or simply stacked on top of each other, in a freely designed landscape with animals or when playing with the wooden railway.

You can find wooden toys, wooden animals, wooden figures and wooden cars in our wooden toys category !

You can find more sets from Kapla in our category Building Blocks & Bricks!

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