wooden toys

Through play, the child experiences the world and makes it its own. The gate to the world is formed by the senses. The more varied and "genuine" the sensory experiences are, the more diverse the child can develop, learn and dive deeply into creative play. For this reason, wooden toys occupy a special place among the toys for children. In contrast to toys made of plastic, toys made of wood, as a material coming from nature, enable rich sensory experiences. The surface of the wood can be felt, the grain and the knotholes in the wood can be felt and discovered. The smell of the wood stimulates the senses, and the weight of the wood, unless the wooden toy is hollow, corresponds completely to its external appearance. High-quality wooden toys with natural colours are also ideal for babies, as they can put the toy in their mouths without hesitation. At Waldorfshop we therefore offer online a large selection of wooden toys for babies and children from well-known wooden toy manufacturers such as the brands Grimm's, Ostheimer, Nic, Kraul, Decor and Fagus, but also wooden toys from smaller, sustainable and high-quality companies such as Birkenhof, Verneuer, Die Buntspechte and Drei Blätter.
When selecting the manufacturers, we attach particular importance to the fact that the toys are handmade, sustainable, of high quality and regional, i.e. if possible, produced in our country. While it is educationally important for small children to avoid bright colours, wooden toys for older children can be colourful. Commonly used wood for toys is alder, spruce and beech wood. Which wooden toy is the right one for your child naturally depends on the age and preferences of the child. For babies and small children we offer in our online shop high-quality wooden toys in particularly good, robust quality, such as the colourful Rainbow by Grimm with its wonderful, different colours and the wooden figures and animals by Ostheimer and Die Buntspechte. For older children our online assortment includes beautiful wooden toys for role play and for playing with dolls, such as a doll house, furniture and small dolls for the doll house, wooden figures, stable and animals, doll carts and wooden shops. The children's toys get exercise with our racing car, the cable car, the wooden marble run, the wooden wheel or tricycle and scooter made of wood. Playing with wooden building blocks, of which we offer a large and varied selection online, such as those from Magic Wood or Kapla, promotes the development of children in many ways. Building blocks in various shapes are particularly suitable for promoting eye-hand coordination and the pedagogical importance for training motor skills is high. We also offer wooden puzzles online, which are of course much more durable and also suitable for smaller children. Whichever wooden toy is best for your child, you are welcome to browse through Waldorfshop and discover wonderful wooden toys suitable for children.