Eurythmy, an art of movement after Rudolf Steiner

In our Waldorf shop we offer you a wide range of eurythmy accessories. Beside the classical Eurythmy shoes and Eurythmy dresses you will find many other things for practising as well as further literature on this topic. 



The first sentence that comes to the minds of most people who spent their school years in state schools when they hear 'Waldorf School' is: "Oh, these are the ones who can dance their name, aren't they? As much as this is a cliché, it also shows the special position that eurythmy occupies in the Waldorf movement, at Waldorf schools and Waldorf kindergartens. But what is the point of dancing with the name, what is the purpose of a eurythmy shoe, smock and veil, what is eurythmy and what role can it play in kindergarten and school?

What does eurythmy mean?

'eurythmy' is derived from the ancient Greek word 'rhythmós', which means 'right proportion, regularity and harmony'. Thus eurythmy can be meaningfully translated as 'beautiful movement'.

At the beginning of the 20th century, along with the social changes triggered by the First World War, a radical change actually took place in all arts. The old forms and rules were no longer acceptable and people were looking for something new. This also applied to dance. In contrast to traditional ballroom dance and ballet, free dance, expressive dance and rhythmic gymnastics were developed. Until then, the main focus was on the observance of a certain etiquette, but now there was a longing to express one's own soul in dance.

Eurythmy is applied in four different areas - in educational eurythmy and here especially in the Waldorf School and kindergarten, in stage arts, in therapy and in social work. At special schools, such as the Alanus College, it is possible to be trained as a eurythmist or eurythmist.

's imagination and fulfilling his or her need for movement, eurythmy at kindergarten age also offers other possibilities for development. On the one hand the individual child can experience himself and his movements in space, i.e. he develops a spatial orientation, on the other hand he experiences himself in the group and in social interaction. In addition, the movements of gross and fine motor skills and the visible language stimulate speech development. For many parents this eurythmy, as it takes place in the Waldorf Kindergarten, is often the first encounter with this art of movement.

's celebration and watch the young girls and boys, who usually crouch lazily in front of their mobile phones, with their now, for all their gawkiness, artistic, graceful movements, your heart can already open.

In the course of the school year there are usually some eurythmy highlights at the Waldorf School, such as the eurythmy fairy tale, which one of the upper classes presents for the new first class, the eurythmy graduation or public performances. Impressive for pupils, parents and teachers of a school is when joint eurythmy performances take place with other Waldorf schools.

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