Exploring and discovering the world and themselves is actually the main task of children from birth. We adults can give them the space, time and guidance they need to do this. Waldorfshop is committed to providing the best toys and games, such as detective equipment for you and your children, so that your children can curiously, joyfully and fun experiment, research and solve cases as detectives, and discover the world and the cosmos.


Online, you'll find educational toys and equipment for detectives solving cases and researchers conducting experiments.

5 skills children can learn from experiments:

  1. logical and scientific thinking

  2. respecting and respecting the world

  3. observational skills

  4. imaginative power

  5. creative problem-solving thinking

Experiments for children

Learn, explore and discover; get to the bottom of science - it only takes a few utensils, many of which you have at home, to make experimenting a lot of fun. How do you grow crystals? Do earthworms have eyes? How does a whirlpool form in water? There are many instructions for experiments on the Internet. But it is also very stimulating to offer children toys that encourage them to experiment and explore. It doesn't always have to be a whole experimental kit or detective equipment.

Experiments with water, fire, air and light

When experimenting, children can learn about the responsible use of the elements of fire, water, air and earth. It is wonderful if you, as parents or grandparents, go along on the journey of discovery. Physics and chemistry can often be very dry at school, but in fact science is often the setting for detective stories, and you can feel a bit like a detective when you track down the connections and laws with experiments. And you learn much better and more sustainably in practice than from books on the school desk!

We hope you enjoy browsing through our online shop and experimenting and researching together!