Building Blocks & Bricks

Building blocks are the perfect toy, as they are already suitable for babies and toddlers and can accompany children for years. At Waldorfshop, we focus on building blocks made of wood in natural or brightly coloured natural colours. Wooden toys are not only sustainable, but also enable children to experience a variety of senses, which benefit their development. Discover our rich range of high-quality building blocks and blocks online from the companies Grimms, Nic, Kapla and many more.


The perfect toy: wooden building blocks

Wooden toys are fun to play with, but they also offer opportunities for developing children's skills and abilities. Thus, toys made of wood promote your child in many different ways. Building blocks are available in many different variations for all ages.

5 Advantages of wooden building blocks

  1. Wood stimulates the sense of touch and smell, and the sense of sight is also stimulated, especially with colourful bricks.
  2. Wooden toys are easy to keep hygienically clean.
  3. Due to their durability, wooden toys are sustainable and can be used for several generations.
  4. They can be used in a variety of ways, allowing for creative play full of imagination.
  5. Playing with building blocks trains motor skills and eye-hand coordination.

Building blocks at home and in the Waldorf kindergarten

Wooden toys have a special place in the Waldorf kindergarten. According to the findings of Waldorf education, toys made of wood have a stimulating effect on the children in terms of colour and shape, but do not overstimulate them. Therefore, wooden building blocks, for example, are ideal for free play at home and in the Waldorf kindergarten. In our online shop you will find wooden building blocks from well-known brands.

Building blocks from Grimms

Grimm's is a sustainably operating wood manufacturer from the Swabian Alb. The company produces natural, safe and high-quality toys from the wood of alder, lime, beech and maple trees. In the development of their products, such as the Rainbow, Grimms is guided by Waldorf education, among other things. The wood of the toys comes from sustainable forestry in Europe. The production of the wooden toys is designed to be as resource-friendly as possible.

Certainly the best known building blocks from Grimms are the big rainbow and the little rainbow. This colourful children's toy is also a classic among Waldorf toys!

In our wooden toys category, you will find other building blocks from Grimms, such as the Waldorf blocks. Due to their irregular shape, they are already well suited for small children. The beautiful hand-held wooden blocks in the basic colours from the pebble building set are also suitable for building and stacking.

Building blocks from Kapla

The wooden building blocks from Kapla are also a particularly good toy. They are precisely rectangular as well as light and therefore ideal for older children's play. The special shape of the individual wooden block according to the principle of the golden section means that children can use them to build outstanding structures. We stock the Kapla building blocks in different sized sets so that there is something for every family and every setting.

Building blocks from Nic

A speciality among the wooden building blocks is the wooden furniture set by Nic. With these building blocks children can build as well as play doll house and even do puzzles.

Magic Wood Building Blocks

The idea for this wooden toy came from a Waldorf teacher in the U.S.A. The building blocks are made of FSC-certified wood and are natural in detail, yet standardised so that even complicated structures can be constructed. We have various sets on offer that contain different numbers of blocks.

Waldorf building blocks from Birkenhof and Drei Blätter

Birkenhof and Drei Blätter produce Waldorf toys in the first place. The irregular shape of the building blocks stimulates the child's imagination and promotes dexterity and fine motor skills. The building blocks can also be put in the mouth without hesitation.

You can find more toys and high-quality wooden toys for your child, such as doll's house and accessories, marble run and toys for babies and toddlers online in our shop. We also carry the birthday ring and other beautiful items full of meaning for celebrating the festivals throughout the year.