Doll's House & Accessories

Role-playing plays a decisive role in children's sense of identity. A wide variety of toys and sufficient freedom to try things out support children in this process. A special variant of role-playing is made possible by playing with a doll's house. Children can imaginatively imitate life in miniature format. In Waldorfshop you will find a large selection of beautiful doll's houses from the manufacturers Decor, Nic, Verneuer and Drei Blätter as well as matching accessories such as furniture and dolls, e.g. from Grimms, online in the wooden toys category.


A special variation of role play

Role play is usually recognised as the first "real" play. Children's imaginative powers awaken and strengthen. Children slip into the roles of the people around them and act out their behaviours.

When playing with the doll's house, children can do this as if from an observer's position. They can guide the dolls and speak for them. This makes the doll's house interesting as a toy for a long time, because complex situations can also be acted out here without the children themselves having to slip directly into the roles.

5 Advantages of the doll's house

Playing with the doll's house and its accessories supports children in their development in many ways:

  1. Training of language and communication skills
  2. Taking on the perspective of other people and thus developing empathy
  3. Planning the course of the game and thus promoting logical thinking
  4. Promotion of further social skills, such as frustration tolerance, through playing together
  5. Stimulation of the imagination and creativity

As the natural material wood also stimulates the children's senses, we recommend wooden doll's houses.

Doll's houses in Waldorfshop

The first doll's houses in the 16th century were rather used by adults as a status symbol and exhibition piece. Only gradually did they move into children's rooms as toys. In the meantime, the doll's house is available in countless variations. In Waldorfshop, you will find high-quality houses made of wood as well as appealing doll's accessories.

Doll's houses from Decor

A very beautiful doll's house is the kit from Decor. The parts of the large doll's house are made of alder/birch veneer plywood and are connected with a very clever plug-in system without any gluing or screwing. This creates an extremely robust and long-lasting toy. With a height of 105 cm, this doll's house is very large and particularly good to play with.

Not really a house, but beautiful to look at and imaginative to play with, is our tree house. The top floor is removable and can be used as a separate little house. The house made of alder wood comes as a play set with a cloth and with matching furniture made of branch wood.

Wooden doll's house by Verneuer

Verneuer offers a beautifully shaped and unusual doll's house made of the sturdy wood of the alder tree. Verneuer is a handicraft business that produces high-quality wooden toys in Münsterland in Germany. The doll's house, which you can find online with us, has been lovingly hand-sanded, oiled and waxed and invites dwarves, elves, fairies and dolls to live in it.

Wooden doll's house by Drei Blätter

The two-storey doll's house made of oiled spruce wood can be played with from different sides through three open rooms and several windows. Drei Blätter Naturspielwaren is a family business that has been producing child-friendly wooden toys in Germany since 1986, partly in workshops for the disabled against an anthroposophical background. Only native woods from renewable sources, such as beech wood, are used for the production of the wooden toys.

Set of house and doll's house furniture by Nic

This is something very special: house, furniture set and puzzle all in one. Wonderfully practical to take with you on the go.

Wooden furniture and dolls

Doll's house accessories such as dolls and furniture bring the doll's houses to life. Playing with dolls in the doll's house is a wonderful experience. Children can let their imagination run free. All the dolls live in the child's hand and interact with each other. A world of their own is created.

Accessories from Decor

In addition to the beautiful wooden doll's houses, Decor also offers accessories. With the 13-piece furniture set with beautifully shaped furniture, such as a kitchenette, chairs, table, little bed, shelf and sofa made of wood, the doll's house is perfectly furnished.

Decor also offers a doll's house family consisting of father, mother and two children with noble clothes made of wool felt in beautiful colours for playing in the doll's house.

Accessories from Grimms

From Grimms you can find online in Waldorfshop children, babies as well as adults for the doll's house. The figures are made in traditional handwork. The hand painted faces give each doll a unique expression. Arms and legs can be moved by a sewn-in wire.

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