Craft Sets Doll's House Furniture

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Doll's house furniture kit, in many different versions, to assemble and design yourself!

The wooden doll's house furniture is prefabricatedin precisely fitting individual parts and is put together with the help of the illustrated step-by-step instructions and fixed in place with craft glue (not included). This works well with the help of the illustrated step-by-step instructions. A colourful design of the doll's house furniture gives each piece of furniture an individual look and offers room for creative design.The appropriate <a href="" target="_blank">craft glue and <a href="" target="_blank">Wood Stain Colours you will find at our shop.

Playing with the doll's house is very diverse and creative.The children immerse themselves in a world full of fantasy.All the dolls live in the child's hand and interact with each other.Combined with wooden figures and wooden animals, a world of its own is created.

Content: 1 piece

Material: alder/birch laminated veneer wood

Variants: chair, table/large, stool, bed/large, bed/small, sofa, armchair, table/small, shelf, kitchen

Size: approx. 1:10

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