Knights & Castles

A knight's castle is a timeless toy. Whether girl or boy, children in kindergarten or at school - the knight's castle invites imaginative play and is also an ideal gift for a child's birthday or for Christmas. At Waldorfshop you will find a fine selection of knight's castles made of wood as well as accessories such as knights and horses for your child.


5 reasons to buy a knight's castle

  • Playing with the knight's castle stimulates children's imagination.

  • Since both young and older children can develop a variety of play ideas, the knight's castle is a long-lasting toy.

  • Playing with castles and knights is fun both alone and with friends.

  • The children can be encouraged to learn more about castles and knights.

  • The knight's castle can be combined with other toys.

Which knight's castle is the best?

With the overwhelming range of knight's castles in the toy world, it can be difficult to find the right one for your own child or institution. The age of the children as well as the material and equipment of the castle are important here.

Waldorf education places great value on natural materials such as wood, which enable children to have authentic and varied sensory experiences. This is why you can find wooden knight's castles online at Waldorfshop, along with many other wooden toys.

Knight castle for toddlers

Our bark wood castle made of linden branch wood by Glückskäfer is a joy for the senses and suitable for children from the age of 1.5 years. Due to the natural bark content, the components look particularly quaint. They are easy to grip and can be arranged again and again to form new buildings.

Knight's castle for children from 3 years

Our 65-piece wooden castle from Decor is a wonderful toy with its drawbridge and falling castle gate. With a simple plug-in system, it can be assembled in just a few minutes and is therefore also exciting for older children.


In Waldorfshop, you will find bending dolls as knights and castle inhabitants to match our castles. The bending dolls made of wood and felt can stand, sit, climb and ride and are therefore wonderfully suitable for imaginative play. We also have matching wooden horses in our range.