Stockmar Wax Crayons

Single pen in 32 colours

Item number 7317

Single pen, 32 colours to choose from

Beeswax as a binder

with lightfast colour pigments
graduated prices:
Minimum quantity: 20 EUR 0.99 EUR 99.00 / kilogram
EUR 99.00 / kilogram
Minimum quantity: 30 EUR 0.93 EUR 93.00 / kilogram
EUR 93.00 / kilogram

EUR 1.10 *
Content 10 gram
Unit price EUR 110.00 / kilogram
Not in stock, approx. 1-4 weeks
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Wax crayon from Stockmar, waterproof, colour-intensive and bright.

Stockmar wax crayons meet the highest artistic demands. By adding pure beeswax as a binding agent, the lightfast colour pigments unfold their full purity and give the crayon its great colouring power.

The applied colour of the Stockmar wax crayons is waterproof and can be applied without crumbling or smearing. Toddlers and older children can hold the wax crayons easily in their hands thanks to their thickness.

With banderole, against discolouration of the fingers!

The finger band ensures clean fingers, the crayon does not stain the child's fingers. The colours are bright and colourful and thus appeal to the child's senses in many ways. The Stockmar wax crayons are available in 32 colours.

Product information:

1 wax crayon
Contents: 1 piece
32 colours to choose from
Colours: carmine red, vermilion, orange, golden yellow, lemon yellow, yellow green, green, blue green, blue, ultramarine blue, blue violet, red violet, red brown, yellow brown, black, white, grey, Prussian blue, cobalt blue, ochre yellow, Venetian red, umber, olive green, pink, gold, silver, indigo, leaf green, magenta, sun yellow, pearl pink, flame red

Stockmar wax crayons and wax colouring blocks in a set

Stockmar wax crayons and wax colouring blocks are also available in colour assorted, well thought-out sets of 8,12,16 or 32 pieces. These sets are used in school, as crayons or wax colouring blocks, in the first classes. The sets are also wonderfully suitable as a gift for a child for a birthday, for starting school or as a little something in the Advent calendar.

You can find the Stockmar wax crayons in sets here online, in our category Wax Crayon & Wax Crayon Block!


In our school supplies category, we offer paper for painting and roll-up pencil cases in various colours and sizes for the wax crayons and blocks from Stockmar. You will also find practical holders for the desk or painting table there.

Wax crayons and blocks in the Waldorf School

Stockmar wax crayons are the classic in the Waldorf kindergarten and school when it comes to the first drawing or writing. But not only the crayon is used but also the block. Due to their excellent drawing properties and the fact that they are harmless to health, Stockmar wax crayons are also suitable for the youngest children.

As the beautiful wax crayons and wax colouring blocks meet the highest pedagogical and artistic demands, they are an essential part of the school supplies for the Waldorf school and also find enthusiastic painters in every Waldorf kindergarten. The wax crayons are also used creatively in many ways by many families at home.

Creative ideas with wax crayons from Stockmar

When painting with watercolours, the wax crayons from Stockmar can be used to set accents thanks to their waterproof properties. If the watercolour paper is painted with white or very light wax crayons before wetting, the watercolour paint will not cover these areas. This creates wonderful paintings.

Stockmar wax crayons can also be used to colour wooden parts. To do this, the colours are applied with a pencil or block and later rubbed with oil with the help of a cotton cloth. A delicate or even strong layer of colour is created.

The Stockmar colours are also ideal for colouring candles. Cut off a piece of the crayon or block and dissolve it in a little beeswax. The crayons colour the beeswax, making it possible to decorate candles or colour them throughout.

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