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Drawing and painting promote children's creativity and motor skills. At Waldorfshop, you can find wax crayons and wax blocks online in the school supplies category, as well as watercolour paints from Stockmar, crayons from Lyra, chalk and watercolour pencils from Mercurius, and fountain pens from Greenfield, among others.

  • Plasticine eraser
    Plasticine eraser
    Plasticine eraser | Neon colours | 4.2 x 3 x 0.7 cm | from 3 yrs. Neon
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  • Wax colouring blocks
    Stockmar | Wax colouring blocks | Wax colouring block | 32 colours | Colour pigments lightfast Wax colouring block in 32 colours
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    13 gram  | EUR 84.62 / kilogram
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  • Stockmar Wax Crayons
    Stockmar | Wax Crayon | Single Pencil | 32 Colours | Lightfast Single pen in 32 colours
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    10 gram  | EUR 110.00 / kilogram
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  • Pin extender
    Lyra | Pen Extender
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  • Eraser, rubber, white
    Lyra | Eraser, rubber, white | 40 x 25 x 8 mm 40 x 25 x 8 mm
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  • Watercolours Basic Assortment
    Stockmar | Watercolours Basic Assortment | Stockmar Stockmar
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    120 milliliter  | EUR 293.33 / liter
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  • Viscose sponge
    Viscose Sponge | for Watercolour Painting | 11 x 8 x 3.5 cm | Sponge for watercolour painting
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  • Blackboard chalk assortment 12 colours
    Atla | blackboard chalk assortment 12 colours | chalk | 12 bright colours | high break resistance, soft colour stroke | dimensions: Ø 13 mm. length: 85 mm Chalk
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  • Pencil, ergonomic
    Lyra | pencil, ergonomic | ergonomic pencil with non-slip side grips | break-resistant, long-lasting lead | hardness grade: B
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  • Special offer
    Bartl | Slate | Wooden frame in 5 sizes
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  • School fountain pen
    Greenfield | school fountain pen | in four colours in four colours
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  • Coloured pencil, hexagonal
    Stockmar | crayon, hexagonal | single colours | available in different colours | hexagonal made of cedar wood | dimensions L 17.5 cm, Ø 1 cm Single colours
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  • Watercolour paper, A3
    Sedulus | Watercolour paper, A3 | Paper thickness: 150 g/m_ | Contents: 50, 100 or 200 sheets, in loose assortment | Paper thickness: 150 g/m_ | Dimensions: A3 Paper thickness: 150 g/m²
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    6.25  | EUR 3.52 / m²
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    Pencil thin, hexagonal
    Lyra | Pencil thin, hexagonal | different degrees of hardness different degrees of hardness
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Pencils and colours in the Waldorf kindergarten

Children experience colours more directly than adults, so it is very important which colours surround the child and which colours teachers and parents give children to paint with.

In the Waldorf Kindergarten, wax crayon blocks are used for the youngest children and wax crayons and thick crayons for the older children. Wax crayon blocks allow for large-scale, free painting as well as the drawing of finer lines. The child's imagination is given enough space. The children can paint with wax crayons and crayons at any time during free play time.

Once a week, painting with watercolours takes place. The bright, natural colours are diluted with water and applied with soft brushes on moistened watercolour paper using the wet-on-wet technique. The three basic colours are used in the kindergarten.

Pencils and colours in the Waldorf School

In addition to the special pedagogy in the sense of anthroposophy, other school supplies are used at the Waldorf School than at state schools.

Learning to write begins at the Waldorf School on the very first day of school with drawing straight lines and curved lines. For this, the pupils use beeswax crayons and blocks. Later, thick coloured pencils are added for writing and for designing the period notebooks. In the process of learning to write, the children follow a path from painting to drawing to writing. In the third grade, writing with a fountain pen is then introduced.

Painting with watercolours is a recurring weekly subject in the Waldorf School. In the middle and upper school, more and more painting techniques are then introduced and work is also done with pencil, chalk, oil and acrylic paints.

7 Advantages of drawing and painting with pencils and colours

  1. Encourages creativity

  2. Training of motor skills

  3. Improving concentration

  4. Processing of experiences

  5. Relaxation

  6. Promoting frustration tolerance

  7. Experiencing the qualities of colour

Pencils and colours in Waldorfshop

Crayons from Lyra

Lyra manufactures coloured pencils in Germany with an awareness of sustainable forestry.

You can also find various coloured pencils, such as the Colour Giants Skin-Tones, the Colourful Colour Giants and of course the Waldorf Selection coloured pencils in our online shop.

The Groove Triple is a watercolour pencil, coloured pencil and wax crayon all in one. Because its bright, evenly opaque colours are water-soluble and easy to mix, it is perfect for young children.

For teenagers and adults, we carry various drawing pencils online from Lyra, such as the high-quality pencils in a metal case from the Rembrandt series, which are perfect for sketching and drawing.

In our assortment you will also find pencil cases for the safe storage of coloured pencils.

Pencils and colours from Stockmar

For many decades, the Schleswig-Holstein-based company Stockmar has been producing quality products for art and art education, including wax crayons. Based on Waldorf education, Stockmar products enable a genuine experience based on sensory experiences. In product development and production, Stockmar attaches great importance to ecological and social standards in addition to art educational and aesthetic aspects. Stockmar wax crayons and blocks have a pleasant beeswax scent and thus appeal to children's senses in a variety of ways through their bright colours. In line with the principles of Waldorf education, they enable children to paint and colour freely, which is not limited to exact outlines and shapes, but enables imaginative immersion in colours and shapes.

We offer wax crayons and blocks in our online shop as single pieces / single colours or in e.g. tin cases from Stockmar.

For storing the wax crayon blocks, you will also find various beautiful roll-up cases made of fabric and leather.

Stockmar watercolours are wonderfully transparent and luminous. The colours with harmoniously coordinated tones can be mixed to all intermediate shades and, together with white, can also be painted opaquely. The colours are very productive and are completely water-soluble even when dry.

Chalk and watercolour pencils from Mercurius

Mercurius is a subsidiary of Neuguss Verwaltungsgesellschaft, Berlin. Mercurius is one of the leading Waldorf school and kindergarten suppliers. The company, with many years of experience, offers a uniform core assortment of high quality, product safety and fair prices worldwide. It produces in a socially and responsibly responsible manner. Thus, high social and environmental standards are adhered to and there is cooperation with social therapeutic workshops.

In our online shop you will find, for example, coloured calcium sulphate-based blackboard crayons that are suitable for all blackboard surfaces for writing and designing, as well as watercolour pencils for sketching, illustrating, drawing and painting.

Fountain pen from Greenfield

The high-quality, German-made Greenfield fountain pen allows children to learn to write with ink in a playful way. The fountain pen is suitable for both right and left-handers. In the spirit of sustainability, all fountain pen parts can be replaced. With the Greenfield converter, you can easily fill the Greenfield school fountain pen with ink from the bottle as a sustainable alternative to cartridges.