Lyra Super Ferby Crayons Waldorf Selection

Waldorfshop Edition, 12 pieces

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12 coloured pencils, triangular, natural in cardboard box

Forest cultivation guaranteed sustainable, PEFC certified wood

Dimensions: L 17.5 cm, lead Ø 6.25 mm
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Anniversary edition 15 years Waldorfshop, coloured pencils Waldorf Selection by Lyra, 12 pencils in a set

This anniversary edition "15 years Waldorfshop" contains 12 thick Lyra coloured pencils for toddlers and school children. Children's coloured pencils in a special colour combination with very high opacity and fine colouring. Packed in a lovingly illustrated cardboard box. The outer packaging of the coloured pencils was designed by the artist Ella Lapointe and is limited to a few copies.

The crayon set for children is ideal for the first years of school at the Waldorf School. The thick crayons in ergonomic triangular shape support the correct hand posture when writing and drawing.

12 colour-intensive pencils with wooden casing made from guaranteed sustainable forest cultivation and PEFC certified wood.

Product information:

Anniversary edition 15 years Waldorfshop by Lyra.
Contents: 12 coloured pencils, triangular shape, natural
Colours: 004 yellow, 007 lemon yellow, 013 orange, 018 scarlet red, 027 carmine red, 034 magenta, 047 blue, 051 Prussian blue, 067 green, 070 apple green, 076 dark brown, 090 Venitian red
Dimensions: L 17.5 cm, lead Ø 6.25 mm

You can findcoloured pen cils in different thicknesses and shapes in our category Pencils & Colours! There you can also find coloured pencils single and coloured pencil bulk packs.

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