Satchels & Backpacks

Which satchel is the right one for my child?

This question inevitably comes up for all parents before the start of school. For the children, the curiosity about their new school satchel or school backpack is just as great as about the school cone. In the almost unmanageable mass of models and designs to choose from, it can be difficult to find the right satchel. With us, you will find an appealing selection of school backpacks, satchels made of leather or cotton and other school supplies products online, such as pens & colours, exercise books as well as roll cases and other pencil cases.


The change from Waldorf kindergarten to Waldorf school

With the change from year 1 to year 2, the change from Waldorf kindergarten to Waldorf school is also imminent. For children and parents this is an important and radical step. In the book "Das ist Waldorfschule" (This is Waldorf School) by Wolfgang Held or in more detail in "Die Erziehung des Kindes" (The Education of the Child) by Rudolf Steiner, you can read about anthroposophical and Waldorf educational principles. One aspect of Waldorf education is the great importance attached to the child's environment. The child's environment has an immediate effect. For this reason, we do not use overstimulating colours in our satchel models and prefer materials that offer a rich variety of experiences and sensory perception. We attach great importance to working with manufacturers who work as sustainably and environmentally consciously as possible.

Schoolbags and backpacks at Waldorfshop

Waldorfshop's range of products is based on the fundamental ideas of Waldorf education as well as on the current state of knowledge regarding comfort and sustainability. This is the basis on which we have designed the range of products in our online shop for you. The school satchel or school backpack should be a practical companion for your child. To this end, it must be light in weight, ergonomically shaped and practical to handle. It must offer space for all the materials for lessons and meet the highest quality standards. In addition to these criteria, it is important to us to convey a sense of aesthetics to the children through natural materials, colours and motifs that do not overstimulate.

In our online shop, we offer leather satchels and school backpacks for younger and older schoolchildren and deliberately avoid the classic division of roles into boys and girls in the design with regard to colours and motifs.

It is with particular pleasure that we can offer you our first own school backpack, designed by waldorfkind in collaboration with Deuter especially for the Waldorf School!

Leather satchels from Leder-Wolf

Leder-Wolf is a fourth-generation family business from Germany. Experienced employees handcraft leather products from selected materials. The traditional company attaches great importance to sustainability. In addition to the economical use of resources, waste avoidance and exemplary recycling are taken into account in the processing of high-quality leather goods. The durable leather school satchels from Leder-Wolf with their timeless design are classics for Waldorf schools. The beautiful, lightweight organic leather school satchels made of vegetable-tanned eco-leather with carrying handle and padded back are ideal for school beginners due to their high carrying comfort.

School backpacks from Deuter

The company Deuter is a German manufacturer and specialises in the production and sale of backpacks, sleeping bags and other accessories for mountain sports enthusiasts. In addition to occupational health and safety and consumer protection, Deuter also attaches importance to sustainability and environmental protection. Here, not only the end product is tested according to eco-standards, but all manufacturing processes of the individual components of a product.

If it shouldn't be the classic leather satchel for the start of school at the Waldorf school, the durable, lightweight, ergonomic school backpacks from Deuter are just the thing for younger pupils. The ergonomically shaped back padding distributes the load evenly, making it perfect for growing children. The breathable 3D AirMeshSystem ensures pleasant ventilation. In addition, the school backpacks are hard-wearing and water-repellent and can also be used for excursions and small trips.

If you as a parent want to do without leather in a school backpack for your child, the Deuter school backpack is an ideal alternative.

Hänska - beautiful satchels

Hänska stands for minimalist design, creatively combining industrial, product and fashion design to create a new aesthetic language. All products are made from high-quality, modern and traditional European materials in the Berlin studio. The satchels are made from robust and water-repellent organic cotton and vegetable-tanned leather, padded with wool felt and can be closed with magnetic closures. Impregnated with an environmentally friendly, PFC-free and bluesign-approved agent.