pencil case & roll case

School enrolment marks a turning point for children and parents. While the children in kindergarten still mostly play around during the day, the atmosphere in a lesson is quite different. The girls and boys are now much more in demand in terms of self-organisation in their self-efficacy. Lessons begin punctually with the ringing of the school bell, the pupils take their places and collect all the materials needed for the lesson from their schoolbags. It is very supportive for the pupils when these materials are both practical to use and aesthetically pleasing to look at, thus awakening a desire to work. In the Waldorfshop we offer rolling folders, pencil cases and pencil cases in various designs and models. From a Waldorf educational point of view, the main focus is on the great importance of the child's environment. The child's environment has an immediate effect. For this reason, we do not use stimulating colours and motifs such as those of the well-known "Ice Queen" in our range of roller folders and pencil cases, but prefer materials that offer a rich variety of experiences and sensory perception.
Rolling case The basic equipment of every school child at a Waldorf school includes a roller folder. This special type of pencil case is intended for storing the wax crayons and wax crayon blocks. In the Waldorf School the wax crayon blocks and pencils play a special role. They are used for painting, designing and writing. So that the wax crayon and pencils are quickly at hand and remain attractive for a long time, they are stored in rolling folders. You can sew them yourself or have them sewn according to instructions and patterns or you can find beautiful models made of fabric and leather in our online shop. We also offer already filled pencil rolls. In our shop you can get e.g. the pencil cases of the manufacturer "Die Lederwerkstatt", who has been producing leather goods in the Gänsemühle in traditional handcraft for more than 30 years. They work in a resource-saving and sustainable way. For their leather goods they use purely vegetable tanned cowhide and the dyeing is achieved by high-quality dyes free of heavy metals. From the young company Lambrecht Fashion, which was founded by two friends in Baden-Württemberg and produces beautiful, sustainable, fair and high-quality fashion, school supplies, home textiles and backpacks by hand, we have a selection of cotton pencil cases in the most beautiful motifs in our shop. Under our own brand Waldorfkind we offer pencil cases from the Kassler BG workshops. The Kassler BG workshops provide the pupils of the Free Waldorf School Kassel with state-approved, technical and craftsman's training. The trainees produce in the wood, metal and electrical workshop, as well as in the tailoring workshop for real customer orders and complete their training with the examination before the Chamber of Trade or Chamber of Industry and Commerce with the journeyman or skilled worker certificate. With these vocational training courses in the BG, the Waldorfschule Kassel shows a perspective for the future of today's educational landscape. Pencil cases As the school progresses, crayons, pencils and pens are also used. Ruler, eraser and sharpener are also used. Deuter's practical pencil cases are just the thing for storing these items. Closed with a zip fastener, the pencils and utensils can be easily stowed away in a satchel. The Deuter company is a German manufacturer specialising in backpacks, sleeping bags and other accessories for mountain sports enthusiasts. In addition to occupational health and safety and consumer protection, Deuter also attaches great importance to sustainability and environmental protection. Not only is the end product tested according to ecological standards, but also all manufacturing processes of the individual components of a product. We offer a classic pencil case with our beautiful pencil case made of vegetable tanned cowhide by Leder-Wolf. The beautiful pencil case made of vegetable tanned cowhide is ideal for the beginning of school at the Waldorf School, especially together with our Waldorf school satchel Delfin. Inside the pencil case has a flap and is lined with genuine natural leather. The zipper all the way round means that everything is safely stored and quickly to hand. The Leder-Wolf company is a fourth generation family business from Germany. From selected materials, leather products are handmade by experienced employees. The traditional company places great value on sustainability. In addition to the economical use of resources, the processing of the high-quality leather goods pays attention to waste avoidance and exemplary recycling. No matter whether you choose a roller folder, a pencil case, a pencil case, a pencil case or a so-called lazybones for your school child, no matter whether you choose a model in pink or in nature, the most important thing is that your child can cope with it well and can handle it independently so that he or she can concentrate and pay attention fully on the lesson content.