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The very finely knitted cotton backing ensures the excellent dimensional stability of the wool plush. Because the wool plush duo blanket is not quilted, it is particularly cuddly. The wool-plush duvets are preferably used without bedding, but can also be pulled into a duvet cover if desired. Two layers of the wool plush lying on top of each other are bound together with a fluffy soft ribbon of undyed virgin sheep's wool to form a duodeck. Plush: 100% virgin sheep's wool kbT. Carrier material: 100% organic cotton. Back: 100% virgin sheep's wool (organic), two-ply. Border: 100% virgin sheep's wool. Washable: Cold wash. Dimensions: H 3 cm x W 135 cm x L 200 cm. Weight: approx. 2.900 g.

Item ID 10001188
Age rating No age restriction
Manufacturer Baumberger Schlafkomfort
Weight 2850 g
Dimensions 2000×25×1350mm
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Baumberger Schlafkomfort

Woolen Fleece Duo Blanket

Item number 4261320D

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