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Craft Set Chestnuts

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1 chestnut holder made of wood, height 10 cm, Ø 6 cm

3 wood drill bits, 1 each in 2, 3 and 4 mm thickness

300 wooden toothpicks
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You can make lots of beautiful things from chestnuts and acorns in autumn. Our wooden chestnut holder is ideal for working with the found objects. Everything you need for autumn crafts in one set:

  • 1 wooden chestnut holder (H 10 cm, Ø 6 cm)
  • 3 wooden drills (one each in 2, 3 and 4 mm thickness)
  • 300 wooden toothpicks

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Handicrafts and Crafts

Creating something with your hands, making something out of natural materials such as chestnuts, acorns, wood, paper or wool, is something that is intrinsic to human beings. Giving children the opportunity to experience this can lead to them experiencing a sense of purpose. If they then get involved themselves, they get to know a part of being human through these culture-creating activities.


The company Corvus from Kirchtellinsfurt in Swabia has made it its business to produce high-quality tools for children, so that they can learn how to handle tools and various materials such as wood, metal, etc. in a responsible way and become involved in independent creative and handicraft activities.

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