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Cookie cutter

4-8 cm

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Biscuit cutters for biscuits or for handicrafts

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Cookie cutters in various shapes and sizes, made of metal.

Cookie cutters for Christmas, for biscuits all year round, suitable for cutting out wax foils or as a mould for felting with a felting needle. Cookie cutters with many different motifs, in 3 different sizes. Made of stainless steel.

Product information:

Cookie cutter
Shapes: fir tree, heart, moon, heart, bell, angel, polar bear, comet, goose,
Material: Stainless steel
Dimensions: Small: 4 - 7 cm
Medium: 5 - 8 cm
Large: Bell: 13 x 2 x 11 cm

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Craft idea:

To make hearts from felting wool with the cookie cutter, place the cutter on a felting pad. Place the felting wool in the mould from above and felt with a felting needle. Keep adding wool, especially at the edges. Felt close to the edge with the felting needle. Remove the heart from the mould, turn it over and felt it again in the mould. When the heart is firm, it can be removed from the mould.

This felted heart can be used as a gift tag or you can make a garland out of many hearts. Simply pull a string through the heart with the help of a needle. The beautiful craft is finished!

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