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Art Print Annunciation to Mary

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Art Print Annunciation to Mary

In this carton, the perforations of the outline transfer are clearly visible. The scene takes place in the open courtyard of a Renaissance palace. The clear, even austere, yet graceful forms of the architecture, together with the view of the gentle Umbrian landscape (of dusk, as the execution shows), form the corresponding frame for the graceful, solemn Annunciation ""Hour of Ave, Hour of Perugia"" (O. Fischel). Here, the spirit of the ""Marriage of Mary"", Raphael's early great masterpiece, which he completed about a year later, wafts. The drawings by Raphael Santi (Raphael da Urbino)
Single prints in high quality collotype.

Each in a decorative folder The high-quality prints were produced over decades in the last century in the printing workshop FRATELLI ALINARI STAMPERIA D'ARTE in Florence as single sheets according to old craftsmanship. The collotype process used is a technique in which elements of planographic and intaglio printing are combined, making an almost loss-free reproduction possible - without the resolution into individual printing dots (pixels) common today in offset and digital printing processes. This ensures an optimal image effect for the eye and the soul.
The individual printed sheets on handmade paper are glued onto embossed passe-partouts (also made of handmade paper) and are each delivered individually in a dark green decorative folder, as seems appropriate for Raphael, il maestro del disegno.

Collotype on embossed passepartout, in valuable portfolio

Motif size: 28.4 x 42.1 cm

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