It is something wonderful and precious to be able to welcome a baby into the world. A newborn baby comes into the world so tender and vulnerable. In order to accompany these first months with your baby in the best possible way, you will find a constantly growing range of baby toys e.g. from Grimm's, Ostheimer and Grapat, baby equipment, baby clothing, baby food from Holle as well as literature in our online shop. Even if you are looking for gifts for parents, siblings and child, you will find what you are looking for here. Enjoy browsing and discovering our high-quality selection of toys, clothing and more for babies!


Baby toys

Children conquer the world through play. Through play, babies and toddlers take hold of their bodies and learn about their environment. Toys can be stimulating and supportive in this process. But when does play begin and which are the most suitable baby toys?

The first game: functional play

For the first time, babies experience the world through touch: first their own hands, then their feet, the faces of nearby people and soon also objects that are offered to them. As soon as the child has explored its hands to the extent that it can grasp objects, the first game begins: functional play, also called practice play.

This does not require any sophisticated toys. A wide variety of objects are suitable as toys for exploring and playing. They should be made of natural and different materials in order to promote the sense of touch appropriately. The colours should also be natural, not too bright, in order to promote the sense of sight and not overstimulate it. And of course the toys must not be a source of danger for the child. Cloths made of wool, silk or cotton, wooden building blocks, but also a simple wooden spoon are excellent toys for the first game and also for stimulating hand-eye coordination.

The beautiful wooden toys from Grimms, such as the rattle fish, rattles, baby roller, grasping toy and bead ring, are also suitable toys at this time. But smaller cuddly toys can also be pleasant to grasp.

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Baby food

Baby food - one of the most important topics already during pregnancy and as soon as educators start to deal with the topic of "having a baby"!

Do we want to and can we breastfeed? If so, for how long? Is there a too long? And if not, which baby food, which substitute milk is suitable and good from the beginning? Will I have enough breast milk? What to do if not? And how do we get the baby used to solid food? Do we give a milk bottle or not? And what is this baby-led weaning all about? All these and many more questions occupy parents. In addition, there are endless guidebooks and fancy-sounding methods. And yet, here too, it is important to find your very own way that feels good and right for child and parents.

In this context, we fully support the range of baby food from the manufacturer Holle. For the production of the organic baby food in Demeter quality, chemical processing and preservatives are uncompromisingly avoided. The Holle milk food was developed according to the model of mother's milk and therefore offers a good alternative for the nutrition of your baby from birth. And also for complementary feeding from about the 5th month, Holle offers a healthy selection of baby porridges, such as cereal-fruit porridge or milk-cereal porridge.

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Baby clothes

Baby clothes should be practical, easy to care for, comfortable and good for the newborn's skin, so organic baby clothes are best.

At Waldorfshop, you'll find a growing range of cute, practical and eco-friendly baby clothes made of cotton, such as trousers and caps.

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Baby gear, books and gifts

Whether you want to stock up on everything there is to know about babies while you're still pregnant, or keep it minimalist and get only the bare essentials for your child - at Waldorfshop we offer a fine and beautiful selection of useful products for baby, parents, friends and family.

Cradle canopies, books for parents and books for toddlers, wooden toys, cuddly animals, amber necklaces, beds and mattresses, mobiles, swaddles, oils, blankets, violet root, changing mats, dolls and much more - take a look at our baby categories and discover beautiful and useful things for newborns and toddlers!

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