PREVIOUSLY UP Issue 123 Mariners, explorers, pirates

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PREVIOUSLY UP Issue 123 Mariners, explorers, pirates

Magazine for children and parents

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We "lift the ceiling" and learn that Anitelu Folau had already discovered America 300 years and Erik the Red 500 years before Columbus.

Have you ever heard of Zheng He? His ships were ten times bigger than Columbus' Santa Maria and he discovered the other side of the globe from China with these "floating cities".

So what we know and perceive is always a question of perspective.

Throughout the booklet there are still many exciting things to discover: "scary", funny and spun sailor stories, ideas for a sailor and explorer festival, sailor songs, undiscovered depths and: whether a pirate can be a role model.

This time, our craft sheet has a 4-fold game fun in store: a search picture, original and fake, a puzzle and a story stimulus to take out.

Curtain up for new discoveries!

In parenting we also look at new worlds, but we do not look for them outside, but inside.

Booklet 123
Summer 2020

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