Directional forces of development

Picture of child development - as leporello and wall picture

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Directional forces of development, image of child development - as a leporello and mural.

The Leporello is an attempt to describe child development in a few pictures and words and to show how parents and schools can respond to this development. Leporello or mural on child development for addiction prevention work. Applicable for parents, in schools and kindergartens. For information, for joint work and for public relations.

A description of child development in a few pictures and words.

Shows how parents and the classroom can respond to this development.It hangs in many parents' homes, kindergartens and schools and creates an expectant mood among the young and old.A human development picture.

The Leporello was created at the Rudolf Steiner School in Basel. It has already been translated from German into English, French, Italian and Russian and has gained currency in the international Waldorf school movement.

Dimensions: Mural 200 x 35 cm, Leporello A5

Edition: 3rd edition

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