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Constanza Kaliks / Che Wagner (Ed.)

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What do we deal with when we are on the Internet, what consequences and what possibilities does this man-made medium, which often questions the human being, have? From different perspectives, six authors illuminate the field of the everyday handling of the technical environment. From the point of view ofhumanity, history, health, concern for the freedom and development of children and young people, with regard to the arts and from anthroposophical perspectives, they attempt to deal with the fact of human presence in the media and the presence of the media in human contexts in a questioning way. The publication aims to contribute to reflection on the media, to places where people are at home, to the promotion of their fruitful creative and developmental powers as open possibilities for the active self. The contributions to the topic arose from the question of young people in the Youth Section of the School of Spiritual Science at the Goetheanum.

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