Peat oil lavender


Peat oil lavender

100 ml

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Following Rudolf Steiner's suggestions

For rubbing in, for massage or for oil dispersion baths

Peat and lavender
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Peat Oil Lavender

In the production process, according to Rudolf Steiner's instructions, the transformed peat fibre is incorporated into high-quality oils, rhythmically stirred and exposed. For rubbing in, for massage or for oil dispersion baths.

This oil is ideal for baby care and promotes peaceful sleep, and makes an excellent baby gift for birth.

Product information:

Peat Oil Lavender
Basis: Olive oil organic, essential oil lavender
Contents: 100 ml

Peat Oil Lavender

During the production of WANDIL peat oils, the transformed peat fibre is worked into high-quality oils. For seven days, the oil is exposed to the morning and evening forces, rhythmically stirred and exposed to light. In this way, the living power of the peat fibre is transferred to the oil. Other added substances such as plants, minerals or metals give the peat oil a special direction, depending on their characteristics.

Lavender, which is related to heat, reveals its very own nature in peat oil: it has a dissolving, calming and relaxing effect. WANDIL peat oils are suitable for rubbing in, for massage and for oil dispersion baths.

WANDIL peat oils are made from olive oil, from biodynamic cultivation. The plants and essential oils are as far as possible from biodynamic cultivation, from wild collection or from controlled organic cultivation (kbA).

Wandil Peat Oils

WANDIL produces the special WANDIL peat oils from prepared peat fibres. The peat oils are suitable for massages and embrocations. Wandil also uses the peat fibres to produce Piitbo textiles such as bedspreads, clothing made from woven fabrics and for knitwear. At present, WANDIL offers around 90 different products. WANDIL products are experienced by many customers as very beneficial.

Peat fibres are ancient remnants of woolly grass mummified in the bog and are a material that continues to mineralise.

The forces inherent in the peat fibres can be transformed and thus made useable in a beneficial way for human beings.

Dr. Rudolf Steiner gave suggestions for a transformation process by which the peat fibres are impregnated with pure restorative plant forces. The development of the WANDIL processes is taking place on the basis of these suggestions.

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