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For the care of the senses

"Goldilocks, Goldilocks, Goldilocks come to my hand..."

This set, consisting of high quality peat oil rose, a hand-made bowl and an instruction booklet, contains everything you need for the Gold Drop ritual. We have put this set together especially for you under our own brand waldorfkind.

The Goldtröpfchen Ritual is an essential part of everyday life at the Waldorf Kindergarten. By caring for and stimulating their senses through the scent and warmth of the oil and the loving, attentive attention of the adults, the children can experience a moment of "coming to terms with and resting". With our set you can easily create this ritual with your children at home.

Dimensions: Contents oil 50 ml.


Our own brand waldorfkind was created from the impulse to find products that are sensible, sustainable, fairly produced and aesthetically appealing. Here we can design articles according to our ideas and carry them out into the world in cooperation with manufacturers and artists*.

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Item ID 10009946
Age rating 3 and older
Manufacturer Waldorfkind
Weight 180 g
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waldorfkind Set The Golden Drop Ritual

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