Gold flacon 1

Mineralien Zenzinger

Gold flacon

Gold leaf flakes

Item number 4654

Glass flacon with gold leaf flakes, 24 carat

in impregnated water

available in 3 sizes
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Gold flacon, available in 3 sizes

Glass flacon with gold leaf flakes, 24 carat, in impregnated water, available in 3 different sizes.

This gold flacon is a substantial gem: it is suitable for the seasonal table to admire, as a gift for Epiphany or as a gift for special moments in life, for example as a christening gift.

Gold is associated with the spirit of the sun in many cultures and with the heart in humans. In Europe, alchemists and Rosicrucians studied its healing properties. To this day, it fascinates people - in addition to its value - with its warming glow.

Product information:

Glass flacon, mouth blown, gold leaf flakes 24 carat in impregnated water.
Available in three sizes
Size 1: H 4,5 x W 4 cm
Size 2: H 5,5 x W 5 cm
Gr 3: H 7 x W 7 cm

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