Heart pendant rose quartz or red jasper Rose quartz


Heart pendant rose quartz or red jasper

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Flat pendant with pin eyelet

Stone type rose quartz or red jasper

Delivery without chain
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The pendant shines in many tones and looks beautiful worn on a chain. The pendant is flat and has a pin eyelet. You can also find the matching leather strap in our shop.

Stone type: rose quartz or red jasper.

Delivery without chain.


Amulets are stones worn on a chain. Depending on the shape, symbol and colour, a different effect is created. This was already known in ancient cultures and was used, for example, to protect people.


The minerals and crystals in Waldorfshop come, among others, from the company Cosmocolor. Cosmocolor works with partners in China, Brazil, Pakistan and South Africa. During the regular visits to the production sites, attention is paid to good production and working conditions.

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