Wrap: Birdie Chill times


Wrap: Birdie Chill times


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warming wrap

when young and old are overstimulated

12 foils with the scent of mandarin red, Roman chamomile and rose
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Wrap: Birdie chill times, 12 foils, fragrance: mandarin red, roman camomile and rose, incl. 1 sheep wool fleece.

Warming wraps for a little calm in the agitated senses - especially good for when young and old are overstimulated.

For a little relaxation in between, with the fine, calming scent of essential oils.
This allows the body to experience some warmth, calm and support. The best time for this wrap is during sleep at midday and in the evening and may be done daily.

Product information:

Wrap for restlessness and stress
Contents: 12 foils with the scent, 1 sheep wool fleece
Essential oils: mandarin red, roman camomile and rose

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