Amber Necklace Cognac 31 - 33 cm


Amber Necklace Cognac

Length 36-38 cm

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Amber Necklace for Babies and Toddlers

Colour: Cognac

Length: 36-38 cm
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Amber necklace honey-coloured, with twist clasp

The amber necklace by Glückskäfer is available in 2 lengths: 31-33 cm and 36-38 cm. The precious amber necklace is equipped with cognac-coloured amber beads in a very natural shape. The necklace for babies is closed with a safety clasp made of amber.

For centuries, amber has been attributed with healing powers. Amber necklaces are said to support toddlers and babies during teething. So the amber necklace belongs to the baby equipment from the very beginning!

Product information:

Amber necklace for babies and toddlers
Colour: Cognac
Lengths: 31-33 cm and 36-38 cm


Caution: Choking hazard! Not a toy! Baby amber necklaces are a piece of jewellery, not a toy! Children under 3 years of age should not be left unsupervised with jewellery items that have small parts, or a cord or chain longer than 22 cm. Despite extensive quality controls, it cannot be ruled out that the stones may break if force is applied (such as chewing around). Use only under direct adult supervision! Safety for your child: Amber necklaces are considered jewellery.

Everything for the baby, more amber necklaces, baby literature , wooden baby toys , griffins and baby clothes can be found in our baby category!

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