Smoking sand, 200 g

for incense

Item number 25250

fine quartz sand

ideal for filling incense burners of any material and size

Content: 200 g
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Incense sand for smoking with charcoal.

The fine quartz sand is the ideal material for filling incense burners of all materials and sizes.

As a base for the incense charcoal, it acts as insulation against its heat. It also ensures that the charcoal lies higher in the vessel and is thus exposed to better ventilation. Due to its marine origin, it complements the element of water for incense and raises its energetic level due to its quartz content. You will find incense bowls and incense of all kinds in our shop!

Material: Quartz sand

Content: 200 g

Noble incense and mixtures of resins and herbs for incense, incense bowls, sand and coal can be found in our category incense!

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