Dipam Set for Making your own Candles

With 100 % pure beeswax

Item number WDS-2986

EUR 29.00 *
Content 600 gram
Unit price EUR 48.33 / kilogram
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Set for drawing beeswax candles. The 100% pure beeswax in the tin is heated. The wick is dipped again and again into the liquid wax until the desired thickness of the candle is reached.

Candles made of pure beeswax create a very special atmosphere. Their warm light gives a feeling of security, the unique scent awakens memories of warm sunny days in the cold season.

Especially for children it is a special and memorable moment to make candles from beeswax themselves. It takes endurance and concentration until the candle gets the necessary thickness and of course a lot of patience. Surrounded by the smell of beeswax, perhaps accompanied by a song, making candles at home in the family, in the Waldorf kindergarten or in the after-school care center of the Waldorf School can create a wonderful, homely atmosphere during the autumn, Advent and Christmas season. The resulting candles are ideal as gifts or for special holidays.


Contents: Set of candles with 600g pure dipam beeswax, wick and tin.

Candle dipping set: Ø 8, H 18 cm.

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Beeswax from Dipam - a piece of nature

For over 20 years Dipam beeswax candles have been handcrafted in a small manufactory. Guaranteed free of additives, selected raw waxes are filtered and then dipped and formed into a wide range of candles. Similar to honey, differences in color cannot be excluded. They indicate the originality of the beeswax.
Depending on the temperature, a matt coating can develop on the surface of the candle over time. The fine layer can be easily removed with a soft cloth. Beeswax candles from Dipam burn drip-free when handled well and have a long burning time.

Item ID 10010133
Age rating 14 and older
Manufacturer Dipam
Weight 745 g
Dimensions 80×80×185mm
tab placehold

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