Candle making set


Candle making set

Craft kit

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Set for drawing beeswax candles

Contents: 600 g pure Dipam beeswax, wick

100% pure beeswax
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Set for drawing beeswax candles, 600g with wick and tin.

The 100% pure beeswax in the tin is heated and the wick is repeatedly dipped into the liquid wax until the desired thickness of the candle is reached.
This candle making set contains everything needed to make candles, including the tin for melting the beeswax.

Product information:

Candle making set
Contents: 600 g pure beeswax, wick, tin
Dimensions: candle dipping set: Ø 8, H 18 cm

Attention: Never leave burning candles unattended.

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Candle making, this is how it works:

Never let your child dip the candles alone and prepare a bucket, with cold water, in case an accident does happen!

1. cut the wick to the desired length and knot a loop at one end.
2. heat a container of beeswax pastilles in a water bath. No water should splash into it.
3. dip the wick in and straighten it if necessary. let it cool down, dip it in again every 2 minutes until the desired thickness is reached.

Beeswax candles

Candles made of pure beeswax create a very special atmosphere. Their warm light gives a feeling of security, the unique scent awakens memories of warm sunny days in the cold season. Especially for children it is a special and memorable moment to draw candles themselves from beeswax. It takes perseverance and concentration until the candle reaches the necessary thickness and of course a lot of patience. Surrounded by the smell of beeswax, perhaps accompanied by a song, candle drawing at home in the family, in the Waldorf kindergarten or in the after-school care centre of the Waldorf school can create a wonderful, homely atmosphere at autumn, Advent and Christmas time. The resulting candles are ideal as a gift or for special holidays.

Beeswax from Dipam - a piece of nature

For over 20 years, Dipam beeswax candles have been handcrafted in a small manufactory. Guaranteed free of additives, selected raw waxes are filtered and then dipped and shaped into a diverse selection of candles. Similar to honey, differences in colour cannot be ruled out. They indicate the originality of the beeswax.
Depending on the temperature, a matt coating can develop on the candle surface over time. The fine layer can be easily removed with a soft cloth. Beeswax candles from Dipam burn without dripping when handled well and have a long burning time.

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