Candle wick, 3 x 5 m


Candle wick, 3 x 5 m

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Wick for drawing candles

3 x 5 m

in 3 strengths
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Candlewick for drawing candles, 3 x 5 m, in 3 thicknesses.

Three times five metres of candle wick for making candles!

This candle wick is suitable for drawing beeswax candles or for making small candle boats from walnut halves or for pouring candles. Candle scraps can be collected and melted down, with the help of these wicks you can easily make new candles in all imaginable shapes and sizes.

Contents: 3 x 5 m wicks in 3 different thicknesses.

Beeswax candles, candle making sets and beeswax pastilles for making candles can be found in our category Lights, Lamps & Candles!

Candles made of beeswax
Candles made of pure beeswax create a very special homely atmosphere. The warm light gives a feeling of security, the unique scent awakens memories of warm sunny days in the cold season. For children it becomes a special experience to draw candles themselves from beeswax. Of course it takes perseverance and a little concentration until the candle gets the necessary thickness. Surrounded by the smell of beeswax, accompanied by a song, candle drawing can create a wonderful atmosphere at home or in the family, in the Waldorf kindergarten or in the after-school care centre of the Waldorf school at autumn, Advent and Christmas time. The resulting candles are suitable as a gift or for special holidays.

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