Craft glue, 50 ml

Pro Coll

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Glue, multi-purpose glue,

glues e.g. wood, paper, cardboard, wool, felt, fabrics

Quantity: 50 ml
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Craft glue, multi-purpose glue, Pro Coll, 50 ml

This multi-purpose glue can be used to glue wood, paper, cardboard, wool, felt, fabric and many other materials.

The multi-purpose glue is acetate-based and can also be used as atransparent and waterproof varnish. This glue is also ideal for napkin techniques. Boxes, tins and coasters can be decorated and designed. A craft glue for almost every craft.

The glue dries transparent, so there are no unsightly glue spots. The glue can also be used as a waterproof varnish and thus seals painted surfaces and makes them waterproof. This paper glue is the ideal glue for the Waldorf kindergarten, the Waldorf school and for at home! Everyone who likes to craft knows how important a really good glue is, this glue is reliable and productive and keeps its promises.

To remove the glue from your hands: rub your hands or wash with water. Wash out before drying!

Product information:

Ingredients: aqueous dispersion based on polyvinyl acetate, propylene carbonate.
Quantity: 50 ml
Size: 3,1 x 3,1 x 11 cm

For allergy sufferers: Vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, lactose-free

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