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The classic folding paper is indispensable for all folding work, whether at home, in the Waldorf kindergarten or in the Waldorf school. The folding paper can be used in many different ways and is ideal for origami, Fröbel figures or for creative, free handicrafts. The leaflets are available in three different sizes, each with 500 sheets in 10 colours. In Waldorf Education working with paper offers many possibilities for the promotion of children of all ages. In the first seven years the children can train their fine motor skills and dexterity in free handicrafts and folding of beautiful folding creations and experience the joy of self-creation. Concentration and perseverance are needed to create the small Origami - works of art, which can offer new challenges at the beginning of the second year seven besides increasing their tolerance for frustration, the children can also find inner peace and centre themselves. Wherever such a pile of leaflets is on the table, there are no limits to the creativity and joy of design. Dimensions: 12 x 12 cm, 16 x 16 cm, 20 x 20 cm (60 g/m2). Contents: 500 sheets in ten different colours per pack. Mercurius is a subsidiary of Neuguss Verwaltungsgesellschaft, Berlin. Mercurius is one of the leading Waldorf School and Waldorf Kindergarten outfitters. Mercurius Stockmar sells products and products from specialist suppliers of high quality teaching materials to (Waldorf) schools worldwide. The company with many years of experience offers a uniform core assortment worldwide in high quality, with product safety and at fair prices. It produces socially and responsibly. High social and environmental standards are maintained and there is cooperation with social therapy workshops.

Item ID 10001533
Age rating 3 and older
Manufacturer Mercurius
Weight 430 g
Dimensions 120×120×0mm
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Origami Paper

Item number WDS-2434

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Content 7
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