Felting needles


Felting needles

Coarse and fine

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Felting needles in a set, 10 pieces, for dry felting for all wool qualities.

The thick, coarse felting needles from Filges are used for quick felting on larger workpieces and at the beginning of any felting project. They do not break easily and are therefore particularly suitable for children. Thin and fine felting needles are the most delicate and perfect for the finest work, e.g. faces of dolls, very small felting animals or detailed small figures.

Product information:

Felting needles in a set
Felting needles for needle felting
Contents: 5 x coarse and 5 x fine

Material: metal
Dimensions: approx. 11.5 cm

Dry felting or needle felting

When dry felting, the felting needle is always inserted vertically into the wool, otherwise the felting needle breaks easily.
Thick and coarse felting needles are used for fast felting of larger work pieces and for the beginning of any felting work, they do not break so easily and are therefore particularly suitable for children. The medium gauge is suitable for smaller felting pieces and for felting on details, small ornaments or for felting pictures on larger work. Thin, fine felting needles are the most sensitive and perfect for fine work, e.g. faces of dolls or very small felted animals and figures.

You can find all accessories for needle felting and wet felting in our Felting & Wool category !

Wool Manufacture Filges

Family business, founded in 1985. At Filges, only sustainable, environmentally friendly, pollutant-free and ecologically responsible products are manufactured. Since 1995, the Filges wool manufactory has been a certified Bioland processing company for sheep's wool. The wool used comes exclusively from sheep from controlled organic animal husbandry in Germany. The dyes are vegetable, the mordants alum and tartar.

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