Seccorell Felt Roller Bag Filled with Wipe-on Colours

8 colours and accessories

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Seccorell Felt Roller Bag

8 ink sticks, rubbing block, cleaning brush, eraser bar

Dimensions: 10 x 4 cm
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Seccorell Felt Roller Case filled with Wipe-on Colours

A handmade, high quality roll-up case made of 100% pure wool felt by Seccorell, with 8 health-safe colour sticks in the basic colours, a rubbing block, a cleaning brush with natural bristles and an eraser. Rubbed colour powder is smudged with the fingers and produces watercolour/pastel-like pictures without the addition of water.

Product information:

Seccorell felt roller bag
8 colour sticks, rubbing block, cleaning brush, eraser strand
Dimensions: 10 x 4 cm
Material: wool felt

Everything about painting, coloured pencils, erasers, painting paper and much more can be found in our category Pens and Colours!

"Wiping and painting" a special painting technique

The painting technique "wipe and paint" can be used on any kind of paper. The colour sticks are rubbed with the help of the rubbing block, the fine rubbing dust of the colour sticks is then smudged with the fingers. Very delicate or also strong colour areas are created. The sticks can also be used like crayons and thus fine accents can be set. Pictures with delicate areas and fine accents are created. The painting technique with the colours of Seccorell is suitable for the design of table lanterns, staff lanterns, postcards or greeting cards. In Waldorf schools, the extraordinary colour sticks of Seccorell are often used for the design of the period booklets. The pocket box "wipe and paint" of Seccorell is also wonderfully suitable as a special first day gift.


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